Unifred Unifred 13.04.2023

Azuki Creator Partners With IPX for IP Building & Web3 Expansion

Chiru Labs, the Web3 company behind the Azuki and BEANZ NFT collections, is partnering with the digital IP company IPX (formerly known as LINE FRIENDS) for IP building and Web3 expansion. 

IPX is the creator behind the popular Line Friends collection of cartoonish animal characters that originated as stickers within the leading mobile messenger app LINE. Since then IPX has grown into a global IP brand. 

The company is the mastermind of popular IPs, including 'BT21' (BTS), and also boasts partnerships with leading brands such as Netflix, Supercell, Tencent, and Big Hit Entertainment.

The latest alliance of IPX and Chiru Labs will bring IPX's character IP brands and Chiru Labs’ Web3 expertise to collaborate on content, merch, retail distribution at LINE FRIENDS stores, immersive IRL activations, and beyond. 

The partnership will kick off with BEANZ and LINE FRIENDS IP, with the possibility to expand to other IPs within both partners' portfolios, including Azuki, WADE and OOZ, and mates. In celebration of the collaboration, a billboard above the Line Friends flagship store in New York's Times Square will display the BEANZ characters. 

Zagabond, the founder and CEO of Chiru Labs, stated that with IP gaining steam, the company sees the Web3 community as being a central part of this trend.

"We are excited to collaborate with IPX, which is a global leader in building innovative character IP brands beloved by millions of fans across the globe. IP is evolving, and we see the web3 community as an integral part of this next wave. We can't wait to bring the world of our IPs together," he said.

The collaboration between Chiru Labs and IPX is a landmark union between the Web3 and Web2 industries. It brings together two prominent brands that can now join their expertise and strength to create new and enhanced experiences for both NFT holders and character IP enthusiasts.