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Simplest Move-to-Earn Game! Get Tokens by Moving in Real Life — Founders Interview

Chris: Can you tell us about the inspiration behind the EZZY Game and how it came to be?
EZZY Game Founder: Obviously, initially we were inspired by other M2E and P2E projects. We could see how complicated and hard-to-understand they were becoming over time. The whole original concept of just walking, playing and getting rewarded got lost. We observed how long it took users to get rewards in these games. 
So we decided to go back to "basics" of the genre and start a project that will be really simple. We decided to make things happen really fast in EZZY Game, and designed the tokenomics in a way that would deactivate used Sneakers rather than let them last forever. Thanks to this, they do not create an ever-lasting load on the project. From the start, we created the simplest M2E game, but now you don't even need to walk, thanks to P2E mechanics. 
Chris: How does EZZY Game differentiate itself from other gaming websites on the market?
EZZY Game Founder: Our key difference lies in simplicity and absence of unnecessary mechanics. Other crypto games are often similar to mobile games with a donation. You need to do something there all the time, calculate parameters, open loot boxes, manage energy and other resources. As a result, the game turns into boring and stressful work. Our game is completely different — the EZZY Game app is as simple and accessible as possible, and, to get a reward, you just need to train or play a simple game for only 10 minutes a day for each pair of Sneakers. 
Besides, anyone can try our game without any deposits! Immediately after registration, the player gets Trial Sneakers as a gift. The user can try out all the aspects of EZZY Game and, when they decide to get game Sneakers, they will receive a reward for walking in the Trial Sneakers. 
Chris: What kind of games can users expect to find on EZZY Game, and what is the process for adding new games to the platform?
EZZY Game Founder: We don't have separate games. EZZY Game is a single game with an entire ecosystem. To get tokens, you need to either walk outside or play a mini-game. All this is done within a single ecosystem. We also have regular contests and competitions among players, but they run within the same ecosystem. In the future, we will add other mechanics and mini-games to EZZY Game, but they will never be separate, they will all be part of EZZY Game.
Chris: How does EZZY Game approach user privacy and security, and what measures are in place to protect user data?
EZZY Game Founder: The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a regulation of the European Union (EU) that determines how organizations shall process personal data. Since EZZY Game also provides services to EU citizens, we comply with GDPR requirements. We apply this regulation to all personal data that allows us to directly or indirectly identify the User's identity.
All our employees, as well as contractors and partners we work with, sign a special non-disclosure agreement in order to ensure protection of any personal and other data of our Users.
EZZY Game may store Users' personal information at our facilities or at the facilities of our service providers around the world.
EZZY Game is fully aware of the fact that User privacy is extremely important. Therefore, we have implemented a whole range of security measures to ensure that User data is protected as much as possible from unauthorized access, modification, disclosure and destruction. Among other things, these security measures include:

●       Data encryption and Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol which is an advanced technology in full data encryption;

●       IT security measures, including password-based database protection, website monitoring, firewalls, etc.

●       Password encryption using the SHA256 cryptographic algorithm (used by the Bitcoin network).

The Website and the Application do not connect the wallet of the User and do not store the secret phrase for this wallet — we do not have access to this data.
However, despite the measures we take, the protection of personal data is never completely reliable when it comes to using the Internet or wireless connection, including email, phone or SMS, because we cannot protect this information after it is sent or before we receive it. We cannot guarantee absolute security of your personal information and we have to remind you that the User, for their part, should take a responsible approach to the personal data security issue and ensure proper protection of such data from unauthorized use by third parties.

Chris: Can you describe the payment and payout process for users who play games on EZZY Game?

EZZY Game Founder: It's really simple too:

●       The user swaps USDT tokens to EZY tokens. 

●       They use EZY tokens to get game Sneakers in the EZZY Game app.

●       Game Sneakers generate EZY tokens daily over 10 days.

●       The resulting amount of tokens generated by Sneakers is bigger than the amount paid to get Sneakers.

●       The user can withdraw their EZY tokens at any time or make the swap in the app and then withdraw USDT. Or they can get new Sneakers and repeat the cycle.

So the user decides how many tokens they want to deposit in EZZY Game, how many Sneakers they want to get and when to withdraw the tokens and/or swap them to USDT.
Chris: How does EZZY Game attract and retain users in a highly competitive online gaming industry?

EZZY Game Founder: Like all projects, we have various marketing activities. We buy adverts, work with bloggers and influencers. Then, our product speaks for us. Users can see how simple the app is and what capabilities it offers and stay in EZZY Game!
Chris: What kind of partnerships or collaborations has EZZY Game pursued to enhance the user experience on the platform?

EZZY Game Founder:Currently, we are working on a few collaborations, but it is still work in progress. Overall, EZZY Game is a stand-alone, independent project. We are not looking for sponsorship and investment, we designed our product from scratch without raising external funds and we plan to remain independent in the future. 
Chris: How does EZZY Game plan to evolve and expand in the future, both in terms of game offerings and platform features?
EZZY Game Founder: You can review our plans in the Roadmap. We have them written out for the coming year, but we already have ideas for multiple years into the future. These include new game modes, tournaments between players, improved design, game achievements and much, much more.
Chris: Can you discuss any unique challenges or opportunities that EZZY Game has faced in its business and technical operations?
EZZY Game Founder: Our project was launched in November 2022. Amid a bear market with a huge distrust of M2E. At the time, token price slumped in many M2E projects. So the biggest problem we are facing is people's distrust. It was hard to promote our product initially. But, thanks to the innovation and quality of EZZY Game, we have found our first users, earned their trust and are now growing at an excellent pace. Today, we have over 35,000 users in EZZY Game! 
Chris: Finally, what is one message or piece of advice you would like to share with the EZZY Game community and those who are interested in using the platform?
EZZY Game Founder: Just try it! To get started, download the EZZY Game app in App Store or Google Play, play in Trial Sneakers, and then make your decision about getting the actual game Sneakers. We are confident you will like our game and, if you have any questions, you can always get help in our friendly community!

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