Unifred Unifred 28.07.2023

The Sandbox Presents the Second Edition of Belonging Week

In celebration of diversity and inclusivity within the virtual realm, The Sandbox presents the second edition of its Belonging Week. 

Starting from July 24th up until August 7th, players, creators, builders, and collectors are all invited to the Valley of Belonging for a vibrant event, specially dedicated to embracing uniqueness and differences. 

For this edition, The Sandbox has put together five vibrant experiences for participants to explore, which include The Valley of Belonging II, Baby Yors — Social Hub, Healverse, WoW Museum, and Club XYZ feat. Blond:Ish. But there is more!

As part of the Belonging Week 2, The Sandbox has partnered with People of Crypto to launch a new Avatar collection dubbed the ‘Unity Squad Avatar.’ These avatars are made to allow players to enter the event as glamorous superheroes. This move is one more proof that The Sandbox is a safe space for all to express themselves freely. 

As you mint one of these avatars, you are supporting two organizations doing outstanding work. One is ‘Forbidden Colours,’ which raises funds to support initiatives that help LGBTIQ+ communities in Europe, focusing on integration, education, health, and work. The Second is ‘Outfest,’ a leading LGBTQIA+ arts and entertainment organization empowering storytellers to change the world.

Moreover, each avatar comes with mouthwatering rewards, including wearables, surprises, and access to avatar holders from the previous season. In addition, the participants of The Sandbox Belonging Week 2 can win amazing prizes, including The Unity Squad Avatars, People of Crypto Avatars, and SAND tokens.

With the introduction of such events as Belonging Week, The Sandbox sets an excellent example of how the metaverse can create an open, diverse, and inclusive world for all. Join the celebration!