Chris Chris 25.07.2023

Interview with Siemos Yiannis β€” a Visionary NFT Artist Revolutionizing Digital Creation

Greetings, NFT enthusiasts! My guest today is Siemos Yiannis-Yianart — a visionary NFT artist revolutionizing digital creations. With a background in graphic design and a passion for 3D photorealism, Siemos Yiannis embraced NFT technology in 2022. His art captivates with emotions, colors, and abstract shapes, forging deep connections with audiences worldwide. As a prominent figure in the NFT world, Siemos Yiannis leaves an indelible impact, sparking conversations and pushing the boundaries of digital creativity. Immerse yourself in the captivating universe of Siemos Yiannis-Yianart, the NFT Maestro, inspiring art that redefines the landscape.

Chris: Can you tell us a few words about your artistic career and how you ended up creating NFT art?

Yiannis: My artistic career has been an exciting journey of creative exploration. It all started after I completed my studies in graphic design and working as a graphic designer, where after a while I was drawn to the world of 3D photorealism. As I continued to refine my skills, I discovered a deep passion for creating artistic works that evoke emotions and inspire others. In 2014, I entered the world of crypto, and in 2022, I realized that NFT technology held immense potential for the artists. The concept of creating digital artworks that are not only visually captivating but also verifiable as unique assets intrigued me, and that's when I decided to dive into the world of NFT art.

Chris: When did you decide to establish yourself as an NFT artist and what kind of artwork do you enjoy creating the most?

Yiannis: From 2022 I am intensively dealing with the planning of the NFT where until today I am working on them. I made the decision to establish myself as an NFT artist in 2022, captivated by the boundless opportunities that this technology offered. While I enjoy creating various types of artwork, I find myself most enthralled by the realm of digital art and abstract designs. The ability to unleash my imagination without limitations and create art that blurs the line between reality and fantasy is what I cherish the most.

Chris: Can you share with us a special project or artwork that inspired you or that you created recently?

Yiannis: One special project that inspired me deeply was a series of digital art pieces that explored the theme of The Seven Deadly Sins – Shadows of Humanity. I delved into the complexities of sins like Lust, Gluttony, Envy, Greed, Sloth, Wrath and Pride, and used vibrant colors and abstract shapes to convey these emotions in a unique way. This collection was an invitation to delve into the intricacies of human nature, compelling us to confront our own shadows and embark on a journey towards redemption and self-discovery. It was a deeply personal and transformative experience that allowed me to connect with my audience on a profound level.

Chris: What role does success play for you as an NFT artist?

Yiannis: Success, as an NFT artist, plays a pivotal role in affirming the value of my artistic expression. It goes beyond financial gains and revolves around the acknowledgment and appreciation of my art by collectors and the crypto community. Knowing that my work resonates with others and has found a place in their digital collections is a gratifying feeling that fuels my artistic drive.

Chris: What challenges have you experienced so far as an NFT artist and how have you overcome them?

Yiannis: Like any emerging field, being an NFT artist has its challenges. One significant hurdle has been navigating the rapidly evolving market and ensuring that my art stands out amidst the vast array of digital creations. To overcome this, I have focused on consistently refining my unique artistic style, engaging with the community, and leveraging social media platforms to showcase my work and build a loyal following.

Chris: How important is it to you to connect with the crypto community and how do you use that connection to spread the word about your art?

Yiannis: Connecting with the crypto community is of utmost importance to me. It not only allows me to gain insights into the evolving trends and demands but also helps in building meaningful relationships with fellow artists, collectors, and enthusiasts. I use this connection to spread the word about my art by actively participating in online art communities, collaborating with other NFT artists, and showcasing my portfolio on NFT marketplaces.

Chris: How do you see the future of NFT art and what do you think will change in the future?

Yiannis: The future of NFT art is immensely promising. I believe it will continue to revolutionize the art industry by empowering artists, providing them with new revenue streams, and fostering a global community of digital art enthusiasts. As technology advances, we can anticipate enhanced interactivity and immersive experiences within NFT art. Additionally, we may witness further integration of NFTs into various sectors beyond art, opening up exciting possibilities for artists and collectors alike.

Chris: Amazing! My final word for our readers?

Yiannis: To all the readers, I extend my heartfelt gratitude for taking the time to explore my world of NFT art and for supporting artists like me on this transformative journey. Embrace the digital art revolution, immerse yourselves in the ever-expanding NFT universe, and be part of the creative renaissance that is shaping the future of art. Let art be your gateway to boundless imagination and inspiration!