Unifred Unifred 24.07.2023

PROOF Unveils Mythics NFT Collection to Expand the Moonbirds Ecosystem

PROOF collective has taken its Moonbirds non-fungible franchise to the next level with the latest collection. Dubbed Mythics, the new NFT series is an expansion of the  Moonbirds ecosystem with a bunch of new perks for owl-themed holders. The Mythics NFT collection features 20 000 collectibles in the form of mythical birds PFPs. The newest series is not available for public mint but to holders of past NFTs within the Moonbirds community.

Let’s break down the mechanics for the Mythics NFT collection. Over 200 days, a total of 20,000 Mythic collectibles will be revealed with 100 new additions every day. Moonbirds NFT holders will need to stake their bird to get a Mythic egg which, getting activated within 24 hours, can be hatched to reveal the Mythic. Out of 100 collectibles being activated daily, there will be 50 Mythics Eggs as well as 50 nominated Oddities NFTs will be allocated for burning in exchange for Mythics. The Mythics eggs are divided into three categories – Stone, Runic, and Legendary. A Stone egg can give rise to only one Mythic form, a Runic egg – to two forms, and a Legendary egg to three Mythic forms. All the details regarding claiming Mythic Eggs and nominating Oddities can be found on the PROOF’s website

Holders of Mythics will have full IP rights to their collectible and access to exclusive PROOF releases, art installations, and events. They will also be granted the opportunity to engage in voting processes within the Moonbirds ecosystem. 

Commenting on the latest non-fungible series, PROOF’s co-founder, Justin Mezzell, said:

“As creatives, we took a deep dive into the lore of this world we’ve been building — through both the art itself and the unique mechanics powering the mint. It was important to us that we create an engaging, entertaining experience that connects our community and more meaningfully invites them into the world and story of Moonbirds and Mythics.”

PROOF’s latest unveil shows its undying commitment to growing the Moonbirds ecosystem while creating engaging initiatives for holders. With the claiming process already in progress, every Moonbirds community participant is invited to get his Mythics.