Unifred Unifred 02.05.2023

PROOF Partners With Mona to Launch Moonbirds Monaverse for Metaverse Experience

PROOF, the parent company of the Moonbirds NFT collection, has joined forces with the 3D world-building platform Mona, to launch a new metaverse experience dubbed the Moonbirds Monaverse. The initiative was revealed in the just-concluded Consensus 2023 conference hosted by CoinDesk.

The Moonbirds Monaverse is created with Moonbirds community members in mind. To bolster virtual experiences and encourage socialization among users, the metaverse will pave the way for town halls, parties, and art displays.

While teasing the community before the launch date of the Moonbirds Monaverse, Kevin Rose, the co-founder and CEO of PROOF, mentioned in a tweet that it will be “a place to host events, connect, explore art, have conversations, and get out of Discord for some fun.”

Although PROOF will be onboarding its users into the metaverse, Mona stated in the announcement that it would take care of the technical aspects to streamline the process for everyone involved.

Commenting on the new metaverse experience, Kevin Rose wrote:

We will continue to provide unique experiences aimed at combining immersive art and technology to our holders. The world Mona has created unlocks a new way for Moonbirds holders to hang out and enjoy digital art together.”

PROOF’s latest effort to debut a metaverse shows its commitment to growing the Moonbirds ecosystem. In the past month, the Web3 company launched a Diamond Exhibition collection for Moonbirds NFT holders. The collection was brewed by 22 artists including Beeple, Dirty Robot, Terrell Jones, Summer Wagner, and more.

By launching the Moonbirds Monaverse, more NFT enthusiasts are expected to join the Moonbirds community, possibly taking the project above its current number of 6,500 NFT holders. The latest initiative also signals PROOF’s continued effort to move the non-fungible realm and virtual experiences forward.