The Amazon.eth Domain $1 Million Offer Went Unanswered

The ENS domain names phenomenon keeps gaining momentum while more companies, brands, and individuals are jumping into the crypto bandwagon. So, while great demand pushes the .eth domains to skyrocket in pricing, the recent news unveils the total record-breaker, or, just an attempt to become the one.

Thus, on July 19th, Amazon.eth ENS domain received an offer for 1 million in USDC from an anonymous wallet address on OpenSea. However, despite the tempting offer, it went unanswered and no transaction was made. It's worth noting that the latest Amazon.eth sale was accomplished for 33 ETH, or about $100K at that moment. According to OpenSea, other bid offers for the verified ENS domain are fluctuating around $6,200 in USDC. 

Currently, we can only doubt the reasons for the deal's failure, which made waves in the crypto community. Some people think the owner just missed noticing the offer, while others suggest it was the holder himself in an attempt to boost the price of the asset. 

A historic insight. The ENS blockchain protocol first appeared back in 2017, with over 1.67 million verified registrations since then. But this incredible number of ENS holders was reached almost entirely starting from May 2022 due to booming demand and lower ETH gas fees.