Unifred Unifred 26.12.2023

Reebok Partners with Futureverse for AI-Powered Metaverse Experiences in 2024

Sportswear giant Reebok has joined forces with Futureverse, a company specializing in AI and metaverse technologies, to offer customers a new way to interact with its products. 

Through this alliance, Reebok aims to leverage cutting-edge technologies like AI, web3, blockchain gaming, and the metaverse to create new experiences for the brand's customers. It will make it real through the latest initiative, dubbed "Reebok Impact," which is an immersive virtual experience with gaming, AI, and digital wearables (likely NFTs).

Aligning with Reebok's "life is not a spectator sport" brand message, Reebok Impact will focus on shared experiences, allowing customers to share significant life moments that define them and impact the world. 

While further details of the initiative remain scarce, Reebok's CEO Todd Krinksy stated that it will allow the brand to "transcend traditional boundaries of innovation" and engage with customers "in ways that redefine the realm of possibility."

"Reebok is deeply entrenched in consumer trends and transformative technology. Our ethos champions the principle of moving with purpose and stepping out into the world as a participant, not a spectator," he added.

Reebok Impact is expected to launch sometime in 2024, with no actual date revealed as of yet.

The latest collaboration marks the initial partnership between Reebok and Futureverse. According to the accompanying press release, this collab will “transform how consumers define digital fashion” and a major role in Reebok Impact will be given to storytelling. 

Reebok has now joined a growing list of established brands incorporating metaverse experiences into their businesses. By creating immersive experiences within virtual realms, the iconic brand anticipates reaching a new generation of customers.