Chris Chris 10.03.2022

Your Newborn NFT Avatars Can Grow Up Gay, Holders Will be Surprised — Creator's Interview

Chris: Hi! Can you tell us more about yourself and the role you're playing in that blooming project?

Stefan: I am Stefan, the Digital Artist and Graphic Designer behind the Novatar. Since I've finished art school, I've invested in crypto, not knowing that the two worlds will soon collide. Working as a digital artist in an indie videogame company, I've been designing and drawing characters, posting favorite works on my Patreon. NFT artistry has inspired me since its start, so I am fortunate to work on a high-tech revolutionary project like the Novatar.

Novatars are using the limitless potential of the NFT-market to promote the values of sexual and gender freedom. NFT-market has no borders, so our NFT collection will give the folks who live in undemocratic and less free countries a chance to connect to the greater open-minded and liberal community. My hope is the Novatars will give oppressed people worldwide the means to express their gay, queer, and non-binary identities.

Chris: 25k Novatars will take over the metaverse in March. What are these Novatars? Why did you want to develop them as babies and leave the rest of the aging decisions to the investors?

Stefan: We offer a fundamentally new experience of engagement for NFT owners who will be doubly thrilled to reveal the identities of their "newborns." We drop Novatars as babies, who'll be able to become adults 30 days after NFT reveal. Newborns will be generated from the set of attributes we have designed. The attributes include gender, hairstyle, skin color, head shape, eye color, eye, and eyebrows shape. After their aging, those attributes will be complemented by 4 more (well, not all of them). Thus, you should expect a savagely diverse NFT collection. Our idea was to give the investors a "pig in a poke" experience, where NFT-avatars actually have a life cycle and change over time. Though I must note that the aging process is totally not mandatory.

Chris: What are the benefits associated with aging the Novatar NFT? Does it have another set of advantages? What would the investor do if he decides not to age his NFT and leave it as a baby?

Stefan: The aging brings even more unique features for your avatar, apart from the unconditional diversity in skin and hair color. Your newborn NFT will have 9 genes – inherent characteristics randomly assigned to your avatar. But aging expands the uniqueness of your avatar up to 14 genes. That's where the diversity really kicks in since your baby can grow up gay, bisexual, or straight. Aging also assumes the possibility of your baby becoming transsexual – Novatars will surprise their owners. Suppose investors prefer their avatars in a baby stage. In that case, the rarity of babies will leave you with a vanishing breed of tokens. Investors could resell their rare NFTs or leave it to flex with their digital baby. I forgot to note that the rarity of Novatars is not limited to their genders, sexuality, and looks. Some percent of the babies – will gain a unique profession after aging. Professions will include a doctor, a developer, an astronaut, a blogger, and a gamer.

The diversity reflected in our NFT-avatars demonstrates the diversity of our team. We are proud of our fellow LGBTQ team members. They made sure Novatars are inclusive and respectful in their LGBTQ representation.

Chris: Would it be possible for the investors to choose the gene or profession they prefer?

Stefan: That's the fun part – users will never guess what kind of unique features their baby will end up with. Just like in real life, you won't know what your baby will look like. So, my answer is no; their adult genes and professions are not controlled by users.

Chris: Subsequently, how can the investor make use of their NFTs? What can the tokens do apart from serving as an artwork collection?

Stefan: There are billions of users on media platforms that soon will incorporate NFT-avatars. Apart from being an excellent investment and collectible, Novatars will be your unique and aging avatars. We've started long before the social media moguls began to incorporate NFTs on their platforms. Still, we always anticipated the enormous demand for NFT avatars. Twitter Blue, Meta, Reddit – you name it. And don't forget about the emergence of Metaverses. If only 5% of Twitter's daily active users considered having NFT-avatars, that would mean 10+ million NFT-buyers. And our collection will be perfect for representing their digital identity.

Chris: So what will be the price of one Novatar NFT? Do you also have a minting limit per user?

Stefan: A Novatar price is currently 0,1 ETH. We have just sold out 1,5k avatars on our Wishlist Sales, so you might want to be ready for our soon-to-come Presales. The final sales will be a Dutch auction, and our minting limit is 5 NFTs per user.

Chris: Besides, would you like to share the minting process here? You could simply give the basic steps to the buying process.

Stefan: The steps are simple for beginners and advanced users: 

  • Go to the 
  • Click on the “CONNECT WALLET” button in the upper right corner
  • Choose one of the available authorization methods
  • After connecting your wallet, click on the button in the upper right corner and choose “My Profile”
  • Click on the “Buy an Avatar” button. 
  • Choose how many Novatars you want to purchase (Maximum 5 per wallet)
  • Click on “Total … ETH” button. 
  • Done !

Also, don't forget to join our Discord and Twitter for the latest updates.

Chris: In the end, please share how you plan to expand in due course? What are your immediate plans for the augmentation of Novatar?

Stefan: Novatar is expanding in synergy with the NFT-avatar market. Our never-before-seen avatars will follow up in the developing Metaverses, NFT-gaming, and significant social media, which are soon-to-be NFT friendly. Whichever that is, Novatars will keep online identities fresh and fun.