Chris Chris 10.03.2022

Holders will Own Artifacts of the Journey Towards a Fleet of Droids β€” Founder's Interview

This time around we are talking to Tiki Mips, Founder & Artist of Droidheads: Origin.

Tiki’s professional background is in digital design.

Chris: 2500 droidheads: origin NFT are set to conquer the Metaverse this March. What is your story behind the droidheads: origin?

Tiki: We’re in a dystopian future circa 2053. Production droids and big business have robbed average citizens of their livelihood. Human population is on the decline and droids represent the majority. A band of trippy-hackers partner with DHS Inc. to restore and protect humanity. They crushed their first goal of resurrecting a ‘wellness’ droid and now want to put these models into mass production. In order to do so, they’re looking for holder-sponsors to co-own full droids. These holders will own artifacts of the journey towards a fleet of droids.

Chris: In addition to this, please tell us more about DHS Inc. What is the company all about? How does it power the droidheads: origin NFT?

Tiki: DHS Inc. is an older media company that has pivoted to become one of the largest droid R&D labs in the world. They’re also the funding partner to droidheads and they sponsored the reverse engineering of the first ‘wellness’ robot.

Chris: What are the different features of the droidheads: origin NFT? How is each one of the 2500 NFTs unique?

Tiki: The NFTs are based on droid schematics and have been ratified by Tiki Mips. The features include wiring schemes, AR/VR glasses, and electrified human features. The heads were once human, now they’re powered and contain a positronic brain.

Chris: The droidheads: origin progresses in waves. What are these different stages? Please help us understand in simple terms.

Tiki: Wave 1 is about activating the positronic brain and wiring the head.
Wave 2 is updating the software within the brain with Nexus 3.0. This free airdrop is exclusive to wave 1 holders.

Wave 3 is the rest of the droids hull & parts. Wave 4 is a full 3D droid, metaverse ready.

Chris: More importantly, how do the investors keep track of the progress and the news at droidheads: origin NFT? Please share your official communication channels here.

Tiki: Our Website, Twitter & Discord is the best way to stay informed on news and announcements.

Chris: Again, how have you priced your NFTs? Are they each priced at a flat rate? How much will be gas?

Tiki: Will will be conducting a fair launch with no presale or gatekeeping at a mint price of .1337 Ether. With the reasonable ethereum gas prices of recent we expect gas cost to be at maximum about 100 gwei .

Chris: In the very end, please share your outlook for droidheads: origin NFT in the next six months.

Tiki: The next six months is a fast track to the software update (expect within 3 months) and then the hull and parts at the 6 month mark.