World of Women and The Sandbox Team up for the WoW Foundation

The prominent NFT project World of Women is actively paving its way to the top of non-fungible Olympus. Recently, the WoW founder Yam Karkai has announced a foreseeing partnership with The Sandbox. The companies are joining with a big goal in mind, namely the creation of the WoW Foundation. The Fund will be aimed to bring more women into the metaverse and NFT realms through education and mentorship. 

To bring this ambitious project to life, The Sandbox is investing a whopping $25 million into the common endeavor. This hefty sum will be split into five-year supportive grants per $5 annually to increase the representation of women in decentralized spaces.

With sufficient backup from The Sandbox, the WoW Foundation will be available to bring to life all the crucial directions they have singled out by the moment, and many other breakthrough projects. The four of the WoW pillars to focus on are:

  • developing the ecosystem by supporting artists and funding projects
  • educating newcomers
  • promoting the current achievements to inspire others 
  • engagement in charitable projects

Besides, the funding from The Sandbox will allow World of Women to scale its parent company Animoca Brands, and its partner Brinc.

“We are thrilled to be teaming up with The Sandbox. With this grant, we are going to establish our mission in the metaverse, by leading and supporting women in this new space,” the WoW founder Yam Karkai commented on the partnership with The Sandbox.

And, finally, the exclusive team-up is planned to lead to a variety of exciting initiatives. One of the most notable of alike is going to be a WoW Museum in The Sandbox metaverse. This virtual place will become a 'temple' of the WoW Foundation, showcasing the achievements of the time and revealing the initiatives to come.

Alongside the Wow community will be introduced to the voxelized, 3D World of Women avatars, which will be a key part of the project's Alpha 2 launch.

And of course, there will be a WoW University and WoW Academy. While the University will educate all the willing about Web3 for free with an NFT diploma approval at the end of the tutorial, the Academy is to become an incubator for digital artists and new exciting projects. 

Summing up all the above-stated, The World of Women and The Sandbox are engaged in a win-win initiative, which will result in life-changing opportunities for thousands of women worldwide.