Miami NFT Week 2023 Is About to Arrive on The East Coast

One of the largest NFT events in the US, Miami NFT Week returns to the East Coast for the second time to unite crypto enthusiasts from Latin America, the United States, and other countries under one NFT flag. 

The crypto conference will be running for three days starting from March 31st and up to April 2nd in Miami’s Mana Wynwood Convention Center.  Last year's conference hosted about 5K attendees, while this year’s audience is expected to increase in numbers. 

The Miami NFT Week encourages popularizing NFTs and web3. Thus, it delivers the most recent innovations to attendees through discussion panels and networking forums devoted to non-fungible tech in music, gaming, sports, and entertainment. While the upcoming event will be supported by big-name sponsors like TradeStation, MasterCard, and Delta Airlines, the Miami NFT Week will be largely focused on the technologies adopted by the giants. The event also aims at exchanging ideas between different industries pushing forward co-working initiatives and innovation. 

The upcoming Miami NFT Week is promising to be a big-scale event with dozens of reputable web3-savvy speakers and brands on the panel. Some of the most renowned names on the list are Bentley NFT, Decentral Inc, SAP, Unstoppable Domains, and others. 

Five major topics will be discussed within the Miami NFT Week 2023: 

  • Culture. Art, music, and sports
  • Metaverse. Augmented reality, virtual reality, and gaming
  • Enterprise. Branding, decentralized finances, disruptive tech
  • Web3. Venture, DeFi, disruptive tech
  • Community. LATAM, decentralized finances, and DAOs/Governance​

Speaking on the upcoming NFT event in Miami Gianni D’Alerta, co-founder of Miami NFT Week noted: “You’re seeing interest in NFT technology exploding in both Latin America and North America, and it’s critical to bring these two communities together at an event like Miami NFT Week for collective creativity in building new platforms and protocols together and for forging long-lasting friendships that will make the blockchain and Web3 space a truly revolutionary movement.” 

Those of you who are planning to attend the Miami NFT 2023 conference will be glad to know that the tickets are currently going at a hefty discount. There are three types of tickets: FREN at $247, APED-IN at $497, and DEGEN WHALE at $8,307. The more expensive the ticket the better one-of-one experiences it veils. Choose yours and be quick as the discount offer is limited in time!

Being the beating heart of the East Coast NFT culture and a homeland of the BAYC NFT project by Yuga Labs, Miami NFT Week is likely to become a grasp of the freshest tech inspiration, after the long-lasting crypto winter of 2022. 

Drop by the event's official website to buy tickets and learn more about the agenda!