The ‘Metaversal’ NFT Investing Company Raised $50 Million in A-Series Funding Round

NFT venture studio and investment firm, Metaversal, has boasted $50 million of investments in a Series A Funding Round, co-led by the CoinFund investors. Dapper Labs, Rarible, DCG, Collab+Currency, Narwhal Ventures, a number of other big names participated in the funding round, however, this fact was rather predictable.

The money raised will be primarily directed to supporting projects involved in building an open metaverse. Another goal behind is to facilitate forming partnerships with illustrious industry names such as Dapper Labs’ Flow blockchain and NFT marketplace Rarible, as well as to bolster their own NFT portfolio which currently sits at over 750 assets.

We are thrilled to welcome some of the foremost blockchain and technology investors into our mission to invest in the infinite stories of our culture,” Metaversal CEO Yossi Hasson shared the overwhelming emotions.

The idea to create Metaversal was successfully unimplemented by CoinFund last year. The core idea behind Metaversal is to give investors an opportunity of betting on the NFT market, alongside supporting NFT-focused small-sized companies. Thus, Metaversal is currently testing the waters holding the honor to call themselves pioneer investors in the DAO.