Chris Chris 04.01.2022

We are Aiming to Attract Environmental Activists or People Mindful about their CO2 Footprint

Chris from NFT Calendar: The environment is a part of society, and I respect any eco-friendly initiative. What was your line of thought when you developed this project and what impact were you aiming to make?

DeFi farmers team: When we started developing DeFi projects our aim was to find a good balance between blockchain innovation and real world utility with our projects, since it's one of the main lacking parts of most blockchain initiatives. People are becoming more aware of this and they're slowly improving their protocols and networks, often moving from proof of work to proof of stake. In our case we always wanted to use the blockchain as a way to help the environment directly through reforestation, and in the future we hope to add more layers to this.

Chris from NFT Calendar: And how about the audience you are aiming to attract…Describe the typical DeFi Farmer buyer, their attributes, values, and goals.

DeFi farmers team: We are aiming to attract other environmental activists or at least people that like to be mindful about their CO2 footprint since we'll always try to support the environment. At the same time we hope to move towards gamification more and more with the project, so we hope to attract more users that are interested in the brand new gaming field on the blockchain.

Chris from NFT Calendar: The drop was on the 29th of December. How many NFTs were dropped, and how many are still for sale as we speak?

DeFi farmers team: The official launch was on the 29th, where we started the minting process for the farmers. Users can now mint DeFi farmers with a limit of 20 farmers per wallet every 24 hours. The total supply of farmers available is 9500 for now, so users interested should start minting early to be able to optimize their AVAX returns that will be given to them from future mints. We're about 570 farmers in, so there's still a chance to hop in, but they are minting quite fast. We also reserved 500 Honorary farmers that will be awarded to most contributing members of our community.

Chris from NFT Calendar: Why the decision to go with Avax Network?

DeFi farmers team: We've decided to pick the Avalanche network as the base infrastructure of the project because of its booming community, speed, low gas fees and the fact that it's a very environmentally motivated network, always keeping it in mind during their development. Their values seemed to reflect ours very much so it only made sense that we would try to go to Avalanche for this project.

Chris from NFT Calendar: Now we know that DeFi Farmer is a spin-off project, please elaborate on some of the Treedfi features that will be accessed by DeFi Farmer buyers.

DeFi farmers team: DeFi Farmer minters will have priority access to Treedefi features on Avalanche. One of the first features being released in Q1 2022 is the Forest token, an NFT backed by real forests across the world. DeFi Farmer minters with rarest farmers will receive an airdrop of bigger forests. Each forest will offset an amount of CO2 that can be a precursor of Carbon Credits offered through the blockchain. We have indeed developed the first NFTree in Binance Smart Chain and thanks to Avalanche network we are developing its evolution.

Chris from NFT Calendar: How about the team responsible for the project? Is it still the same or there are some new faces? Tell us a bit more.

DeFi farmers team: We expanded our development team with some marketing and illustrator experts and we're always looking for new essential additions to it that can offer us more creativity and help us manage all of our endeavors.

Chris from NFT Calendar: You are creating a community that truly cares about the environment. What real world implications will they have through this project?

DeFi farmers team: We are building the Treedefi Sustainable Club, a virtual place to discuss bonds between the environment and blockchain. DeFi Farmers owners will be granted a permanent seat here. Depending on the pandemic situation, we’ll try our best to even host a real summit that can be accessed by DeFi Farmers owners. Each owner will have power to vote resolutions on how to use funds collected through deposit fees on our yield farming protocol. Before DeFi farmers release, we used to make those decisions by talking directly with our investors. Our achievements can be seen in this playlist on Youtube.

Chris from NFT Calendar: We understand you are consistently looking to improve your liquidity and capital. Where can people see the latest news on progress in this area?

DeFi farmers team: We update our Twitter, Telegram and Medium on a frequent basis, so by following them people can easily stay in touch with us. We've been in contact with a lot of different investment funds and we're trying to close some strategic deals that could help us interact with more companies interested in CO2 offset for tree planting purposes. Our aim is always to find quality in the investments we receive because receiving more money is not our objective, our objective is finding strategic partnerships that can further our outreach in the real world.