CES 2022: NFTs, VR, and Metaverse on the Agenda

The large-scale CES technology show will go on this week in Las Vegas but the annual summit, like many other recent events, is being hindered by COVID-19. Thus, CES organizers, the Consumer Technology Association (CTA), has scheduled the event to run January 5-7, which will be first held in a hybrid format, with some events in-person and others virtually.

However, the combined format of visiting is far from the only outstanding feature of the CES 2022. This year, alongside rows of the latest shiny gadgets and Internet of Things tech breakthroughs, the world-renowned trade show and conference will feature an entire program on NFTs and digital assets, the first time in history.

The new direction at CES 2022 will focus on non-fungible tokens, initial coin offerings (ICOs), and other blockchain-based solutions. Although the NFT theme is widely-discussed in recent days, there's still much misunderstanding around the topic. The conference agenda comprises a series of lectures, aiming at demystifying the NFT market, concerning environmental issues, disrupting the art market, and the economics of cryptocurrencies as a whole.

Moreover, CES 2022 will provide visitors and exhibitors with access to the metaverse. Regardless, the topic will be front and center at CES and even though it's not globally here yet, many high-tech companies will exhibit their recent metaverse-related products.

Among those, Samsung, with its new "My House" products and appliances. "My House provides users with a chance to become familiar with Samsung's products and experiences ways to improve and customize their homes," Yungwoong Kwon, manager of Samsung Electronics' global marketing center, stated. 

Owo, a Spain-originated tech company, will be showing off a wireless wearable vest that could connect you physically to the metaverse – and make you feel as if you are catching a ball, getting hit, or hugged. The product, currently being tested with video games, uses haptic technology to deliver vibrations that simulate more than 30 different sensations your online avatar may be experiencing. 

Another breakthrough is Vuzix Shield augmented reality safety glasses. You can get and send data and video via this Android OS-powered eyewear. The Rochester, N.Y. company is also a CES Innovations Award winner and recently agreed with Verizon to make glasses that deliver AR-enhanced sports and games via 5G. 

And, of course, a great lump of conference timing will be devoted to non-fungible tokens. Among those participating: socialite Paris Hilton, who has invested in NFTs and digital art and released her own NFTs.She will be part of a Wednesday panel discussion that also includes Roham Gharegozlou, CEO of Dapper Labs, the company behind the popular NBA high-profile NFTs, digital video collectibles with a digital certificate of ownership secured by blockchain technology.

VR concerts, digital fashion, and makeup, metaverse expanse. Oh, this year's CES will be discussed long after it finishes.