Chris Chris 03.01.2022

We are Doing Daily NFT and Whitelist Spots Giveaways in our Discord and giving a Tesla if we Sold Out

Today we are talking to Zyon, NFT lover and collector.

After working for huge companies worldwide, Zyon became passionate about the NFT community and the art itself, what brought him into the Ape world.

Chris: Teen Ape Gang NFT is coming up with a lot of investments and projects as well. Please tell us more about ongoing project developments, marketing campaigns, and floor sweeps?

Zyon: Today we are doing daily NFT and whitelist spots giveaways in our Discord and giving a Tesla if we sold out for one of our holders is a huge differential. Going viral organically, for the passion of the art itself is a goal too, combined with marketing fronts in all major social medias, such as: Instagram, Reddit, Twitter, Facebook and Discord.

One of the things complicated in the NFT world in our perspective is to find the right person to talk about us, to find the best fit to our community, and this continues to be our challenge in terms of marketing.

Chris: Interesting, how can I get whitelisted? When is the presale? How can I ensure to get Teen Ape Gang NFT in the presale?

Zyon: Our Presale will be January 20th and this is the massive benefit that we are getting to our holders, as the public sales will have a considerable higher price.

To be whitelisted, you need to join our Discord and join the gang. We try to be simple as we can, so joining the gang is just about making missions and participate into our whitelists giveaways, which will be more frequent to allow some people to have these amazing benefits.

We will have special events to NFTCalendar, please inform when you join. Additionally, we’ll try to give as much whitelist as possible.

Chris: Furthermore, what will be the expected price of the NFT at presale and public launch? How much is kept as royalties? How much is gas?

Zyon: Awesome question. We are trying to ask the fair price for the artwork. So we will charge 0.03 ETH in the presale. In the public sales we are estimating something between 0.05 up to 0.1, so, presale will be huge benefit for the holders. In terms of royalties, 10% will be charged by sell and the gas is the Ethereum blockchain default at the moment.

Chris: How can I buy my TAG NFT?

Zyon: At the moment, join our Discord and wait for the January 20th presale and mint in our website. After that time, we will be at Opensea.

Chris: Once I buy, how can I use my Teen Ape Gang NFT? 

Zyon: Owning a Teen Ape Gang NFT comes with full copyright claims and user sovereignty over the public key it is tied to. What this means is that any Teen Ape Gang holder has the absolute right to use it as they see fit; from profile pictures to the choice of auctioning it out for sale, and you will be able to use your NFT as an avatar in the metaverse with your 3D apes.

Chris: We understand that the NFT can be used in the Metaverse. Do you have a plan on how the avatar will interact in the metaverse?

Zyon: Yes! Our NFT is metaverse ready to use in your 3D apes, and if our plans succeed, we will even create an additional collection, full 3D.

Chris: Furthermore, what are your plans for the virtual store and merchandising?

Zyon: In terms of store, we will mint on the website with dynamic wallet verification for whitelisted members and after presale on OpenSea.

Talking about merchandising, our holders will be part of the family, and one of our differentials is that we will try to give as much consultation as we can to teen ape gang holders. Trying to give guidance material to less experienced members and help to make broad strategic sales decisions for the holder's group itself.

Chris: The Teen Apes are mean and aim to destroy everything that comes in their way.  In the end, please tell us how are each one of them unique? Do rare ones possess special characteristics or powers?

Zyon: Our collection will be almost 100% code generated, each of one of them will be in the essence, considering our almost 100k possible combinations. And definitely, we will have rare items in our collection with special characteristics, this will be generated too, turning our collection more unique than ever, even we don’t know the rare items (yet!).

We say almost because we are thinking to give some special people, unique made for then, gang NFT items as gift <3