Chris Chris 02.01.2022

Per Falcone from TOP P.I. — Players will Wander around Finding Clues that are free NFT's  to Solve the Case

We are talking to Falcone today —a Lead Artist, Video Editor, and Game Dev. Their project 'Top P.I.' sponsored by GameStop and many more. Let's get right into it. 

Chris: Top Pi NFT is a murder mystery game that will be solved by the NFT holders. How does the NFT interact with the murder mystery game?
Falcone: The NFT allows players in the game with passwords, codes and Discord.

Chris: Interesting, how can I participate in the game?
Falcone: Firstly, Players need to go to the website, and take a multiple choice TOP P.I. quiz of about 20 question to see if they have what it takes to be a TOP P.I. Once the player passes by 50%, they will be directed to a mint page where they can get their NFT character.  Would you like to disclose what all are included in the prize pool? We call the prize pool a "Winners Pool" because it sounds so positive. Each player is assigned the same case to solve. The first batch of players who find clues and solve the crime, will move on to the next episode. Losers will be eliminated, and for every player eliminated, Etherium is dropped into the Winners Pool. Once 100 of the Players solve all 6 episodes, they will be declared the winners, and they can split the Winners Pool, with a goal of 50 ETH.
Chris: Furthermore, the NFT’s will be up for sale in January. What is the expected price for the NFTs?
Falcone: Each character NFT will be around .05 ETH.  How can I mint Top Pi NFT? People can Follow us on Twitter, and Discord to look out for notices to get white listed. Or they can wait until Jan 7 to take the TOP P.I. quiz, and once they pass, they will be directed to the mint page. 

Chris: So, Top Pi NFT’s work with the game. Can I do anything else with my NFT’s? 
Falcone: Yes, After people mint their NFT, we will open up the TOP P.I. store where players can purchase utilities to make them more rare. This does not affect game play.  The NFT's can also be resold. Anyone holding the NFT's, will be allowed to play in each Season of 6 episodes. Also, after players purchase utilities and get more rare, they can resell them to other players.

Chris: I understand that the winner receives the grand prize. What about other players? Do they also receive for reaching some levels on the game?
Falcone: Yes, Players will wander around finding clues that are free NFT's  to solve the case. Those players can resell those clues to other players. 

Chris: Interestingly, the game will have 6 seasons with an opportunity to participate again and again. What is the plan after the 6 seasons? There is a wicked underlying story that will be revealed at the end of Season 6. How does the roadmap go forth?
Falcone: After Season 6, we will be introducing new seasons. The idea is to build a huge community of game play. Our goal is on the level of the final battle of Braveheart. 

Chris: You are adding traits and players with each season. How is Top Pi NFTs different?
Falcone: Each season players will compete for the prize of The Winners Pool. Players will have to be clever to solve mysteries, by using Twitter, Discord, Google maps, YouTube, and our website.
Chris: Do you also have some rare ones?
Yes, each TOP P.I. have ranks of rarity. The longer Players keep playing, they have the ability to add more rarity. 

Chris: Finally, please introduce us to your team who is working hard behind the development of Top Pi NFT.
Falcone: Rah, is the founder, manager, and team writer.
Vakkuda, is our game Dev, backend Dev, and smart contract Dev.
Hazmat, is our social media manager
Kyoto is our front end Dev.
Zeek, is our Marketing Manager
Juan Carlos Loaiza, is our line artist
Falcone, Lead Artist, Video Editor, and Game Dev.