Chris Chris 02.01.2022

Growing in the Late 90's Held us Being Highly Shaped by the Space Operas — Interview with Founders of Galactic Monkeys NFT

Chris from NFT Calendar: Galactic Monkey NFT is backed by big names like Netflix and Ubisoft. What kind of support are these two giant entertainment houses extend? Please elaborate.
Galactic Monkeys team: "FAUCON MILLENIUM STUDIOS" Which is composed by two guys, Gwen C. and Slimane K
Gwen is a Veteran Game Designer, he has worked in many projects. He's now part of UBISOFT.
Slimane, was a Props and Character Designer for the Animation, from project for Disney Junior, Xilam, Gaumont to Netlfix, he is now a Full Time Creative Director and Footwear Designer.
Chris from NFT Calendar: What inspired you to develop the Galactic Monkeys NFT? How are these NFT’s different from other artwork NFTs in the NFT space? In other words, what benefits do I receive from the NFT as a potential investor?
Galactic Monkeys team: We're both Hardcore Gamers, and Pop Culture Geeks. As we like to try any type of games, the Dungeon and Dragon was one of these that blew our minds. Also, growing in the late 90's held us being highly shaped by the Space Operas.
We're truly genuine with what we do. That's what inspired us to create these. Also the fact of injecting inspiration from the NFT Space was an engine for this project !
They're not "different" by itself, they're built differently, as Slimane's main experience comes from the Deep Character Design Space.
As a Holder/Investor you will hold a piece of Playable Avatar/Character that will be limited at 6969. When one dies, he's unplayable anymore.. This creates Scarcity driven by fun/pleasure and an incredible adventure !
And additonally, we're having multiple giveaways / airdrop for newcomers and holders! It's gonna be new Heroes + Basic Monkeys !!
Chris from NFT Calendar: The Galactic Monkeys are up for public sale? How much is the minting price for each token? How much is gas?
Galactic Monkeys team: It's fully minted, which means, for Public Sale you can have yours for 0.06ETH, but we managed to have it on the Polygon Blockchain which makes it almost gasless !

Chris from NFT Calendar: Furthermore, you are infusing two of the rare Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT into the 6969 tokens. How does one get hold of them?
Galactic Monkeys team: I think you misunderstood this part. There is two hand drawn very rare GMF ( #1000 / #4000 ). They are actually already owned by two of our members !
Chris from NFT Calendar: Galactic Monkeys is supported by large investors and established NFT players. Who is there on the core team working towards developing the Galactic Monkeys NFTs?
Galactic Monkeys team: We use our personal network ( Fashion Industry / Video Game Industry ) to back up the project. It is very genuine, organic and wholesome !
Chris from NFT Calendar: Likewise, what is next for Galactic Monkey NFT after the end of the public sale? How does the roadmap develop from there?
Galactic Monkeys team: You can easily find this answer on our website, but basically when 50% are sold the game will begins! And the Fun too !
Chris from NFT Calendar: Interesting, what is the FIRST NFT Narrative Adventure? How will it be played?
Galactic Monkeys team: It's gonna be a Dungeon and Dragon / Roleplay Type, with an evolutive airdropped NFT Mechanic. Only the Holders will be able to play. Feel free to join our Discord, to know more details about it !
Chris from NFT Calendar: Finally, how can one mint the Galactic Monkey NFT?
Galactic Monkeys team: Just go on our OpenSea Collection, and get yours now  :