Meta Launches Multi-Chain Cross-Posting between Instagram and Facebook

After a time-consuming period of development and testing, finally, the media goliath Meta has made a significant step in its web3 foray. Previously available during a beta-testing period for the US NFT creators and collectors, the NFT integration moves further covering new countries and opportunities. With the launch of the long-awaited update, Meta enabled selected Facebook and Instagram users worldwide to cross-post NFTs between their accounts.

Thus, the billion-dollar tech company makes NFT sharing as easy as chips with the one-time wallet connection on either Facebook or Instagram. This is the only condition to enjoy the NFT functionality while using your Meta-owned socials.

Currently, global testers can share their NFTs seamlessly between the Instagram and Facebook platforms in a few clicks, only requiring a single wallet connection to either of the social media applications.

With a pretty varied selection of cryptos and wallets currently supported by Meta, which are: Ethereum, Polygon, and Flow, as well as Metamask, Rainbow, Trust Wallet, Coinbase Wallet, and Dapper accordingly, the cross-platform NFT sharing goes to a new level.

As for the user-beneficial perks of the cross-posting, one can name the following:

  • The atomized tagging of the NFT artist and owner
  • Zero-dollar fee for sharing
  • A one-time wallet connection
  • Blurring the limits between Instagram and Facebook
  • Interoperability in the metaverse

As for the latter point, Meta expects to span its influence and improve an NFT-holding user's experience with a wider range of web3 services.

While the giant's web3 expansion is gaining pace, Meta keeps setting the highest bar for other social media who are gradually testing the web3 waters. Let's wait and see where Meta's metaverse way leads.