Ticketmaster Goes Flow to Treat Event Organizers to NFT Ticketing Benefits

The Beverly Hills-based ticketing company and Live Nation's subsidiary, Ticketmaster, will now let event organizers issue NFT tickets on the Flow blockchain by Dapper Labs. The primary grounds of the NFT tickets will be a commemorative purpose and proof of attendance at major events. While showing an NFT ticket on a phone screen is not enough to enter the event, a minter needs to show a purchased ticket with a bar code from Ticketmaster or Live Nation for entry. 

According to Ticketmaster, currently, every organizer can issue NFTs before, during, or even after the event, link multiple utilities, like in-person meet-ups with sports teams and celebs, or just come up with average memorable NFT tickets.

Last November Ticketmaster had already joined efforts with Ethereum layer 2 Polygon blockchain to deliver NFT tickets to a highly-motivated NFL fandom. More recently, in mid-February 2022, a ticket sales and distribution company picked Flow to deliver non-fungible collectibles to over 70K Super Bowl ticket buyers.

But the NFL and the ticketing giant's partnership didn't stop there and continued to the upcoming season. Thus, Ticketmaster aims to issue NFTs to all attendees of 100 selected games, including at least three home games for all 32 teams.

According to the ticket company, it has already processed over 5 million Flow-based NFTs throughout plenty of events after its Super Bowl debut.

Event organizers who choose to offer fans an NFT with their ticket have a real opportunity to make this new technology relevant and relatable at scale. This is why we are partnering with Flow because their blockchain is custom-built for fan engagement and frictionless consumer experiences,” Brendan Lynch, Ticketmaster EVP of Enterprise & Revenue, commented on the partnership with Flow.

So now, Ticketmaster hopes to attract more engagement from its users, as well as enter new major partnerships through its full-scale NFT ticketing campaign.