Unifred Unifred 28.07.2023

Lacoste Launches a Summer Virtual Store With Exclusive Perks for NFT Holders

Renowned fashion brand Lacoste is further deepening its toes into the Web3 waters, coming up with more innovative ideas each time. It has recently announced the launch of a virtual store with some elements exclusive to Le Club Lacoste and holders of its UNDW3 NFT passes. 

Created by virtual retail technology developer Emperia, the newly-launched digital storefront aims to offer a unique shopping experience beyond physical stores for the summer season. 

It all begins by walking into the crocodile mouth that leads to a tiled boutique, where shoppers can explore Lacoste’s latest summer collection of clothes, shoes, and accessories. From there, shoppers will take an elevator leading to an outdoor space containing additional products in a pool-deck setting that overlooks the beach.

Holders of Lacoste’s UNDW3 tokens also get access to an underwater VIP space, which is unlocked by an e-mail login or a Lacoste UNDW3 NFT. The VIP space features an exclusive UNDW3 apparel collection co-created by Lacoste’s UNDW3 community members in March and slated to be released this summer. Each piece of the collection comes with a digital twin as an NFT and AR feature, available by scanning a QR code. 

In addition to shopping and chilling, all visitors will be able to participate in a crocodile-themed scavenger hunt. There is an exclusive level of the scavenger hunt game for attendees of the VIP space with the opportunity to win prizes every week during the experience. 

“Our ongoing work with Lacoste and its advanced view of e-commerce and customer loyalty has given birth to new technologies that yield an improved user journey which connects the dots between virtual and physical retail,” Olga Dogadkina, co-founder and CEO at Emperia said.

The launch of Lacoste's virtual store represents a significant milestone in combining traditional fashion and Web3 to offer retailers an exclusive shopping experience that extends beyond a physical store. With this initiative and its other Web3 adventures, Lacoste continues to place itself at the forefront of innovations that help enhance customer engagement and the brand’s place in the market.