Chris Chris 01.06.2022

Holders get Access to Events such as Concerts, Museums, Theatres, Parties, Cinemas for Free — Creator's Interview

Chris: Hi there! Please introduce yourself. 

Professor: I am the creator of this project and I am working in a state university as Professor with a background of medicine, science and technology. So, you can call me “PROFESSOR”. However, there are two more powerful founders; “THE BOSS”, finance and promotion manager, who is an expert in international trading; and “ENGI”, she is an engineer, and also technology and product manager of our project. The rest of the team are academic researchers in a state university.

Chris: You have keys that open treasure chests! All this sound very interesting. What is the central theme behind the Keys & Treasure Chest NFTs?

Professor: First of all, I would like to emphasize unequivocally that an academic, well-educated, trustworthy and financially powerful team is behind this NFT project. The central theme behind this project is based on the following quote “Life is a treasure chest, but you should hold the right key”. Because, our lives and everything we have in them are our treasure, but most of us are far from realizing its value due to many restrictions that we face in our daily lives. The “Key” figure in our NFT collection was created to “unlock” restrictions on money, investment, social environment, demands and necessities in our real lives (and also in Metaverse in future ).

Chris: So currently, you are working on community development. What have been your efforts in marketing the tokens? What else is being done to increase reach and network for Keys & Treasure Chest NFTs?

Professor: First and foremost, the community is at the heart of everything. The community will always be our most important value, and always be confident with our academic team in this journey. Together, we will rise and re-create the worlds. Therefore, 80% of the income will be distributed to the holders as dividends and investments on “Research Development Innovation (RDI)”, “Key-PASS” and “Metaverse and Web 3.0”.

We have an updated website,Twitter and Instagram accounts and anyone can join our community. The audience was notified about the first drop of our NFT collection through "NFT", and our project is still being marketed on Instagram Ads and Google Ads to increase reach and network for our NFTs. Regarding Discord, we have not activated our Discord channels yet and our exclusive Discord group will be created once the first 111/9999 "Keys" are sold out. Because, our “Keys & Treasure Chests” Discord channels will be NFT-gated, which means that you must have a “Key” NFT to enter. Once you have logged in, you will have access to exclusive information on upcoming dividend distribution, giveaways, 5* hotel holiday prize, community activities, new drops and projects, privileged events (real life and Metaverse), voting and more.

Chris: You have a 1ETH reward every week. I just want to participate in the giveaway. How do I do that?

Professor: First, you should be holding a “Key” NFT to participate. After the first group of 111/9999 "Keys" NFTs are sold out, the first dividend payout (1 ETH) will take place within a week, lasting for five weeks. We will list 1 "Treasure Chests" NFT for sale each week on OpenSea platform with a fixed price of 0.1 ETH. Our website and social media accounts will announce the timing of the listing. Any “Key” holder who buys the "Treasure Chests" NFT will receive 1 ETH reward. We should also emphasize that any bot activities, cheating or third party sales will not be allowed/accepted during this process to ensure “equal opportunity” among the “Key” holders. 1 ETH distribution will be repeated over the following four weeks. After then, the “second group” of 111/9999 “Keys” will be released for sale, and after its sell out, five weeks (duration of the distribution will be increased based on the total number of “Key” holders during the following drops, i.e. 6 weeks) of dividend distribution will take place again. This will continue in the same manner. The winners will be notified via our social media platforms and requested to confirm that they own both "Keys" and "Treasure Chests" NFTs, as well as their linked wallet. The winners will always keep their rights to take part in future ETH distributions and giveaways. The winner must own both "Keys" and "Treasure Chests" NFTs at the time of verification and claim; otherwise, the award will be cancelled and re-distributed. As each particular week, a “new” "Treasure Chests" NFT (1 ETH inside) will be available for purchase on OpenSea; previously purchased "Treasure Chests" will no longer be valid. However, holders who collect "Treasure Chests" NFTs, on the other hand, will be awarded with ETH annually.

Chris: Moreover, what exactly are the KEYS passes? How can holders access them?

Professor:  I would like to give you some examples regarding this. For instance, a “Key” NFT holder would be able to receive his/her dividend (as 1 ETH) after each group of 111 “Keys” are sold. Furthermore, the inherently unique nature of each “Key” NFT will allow the holder to access events (in real world and Metaverse) such as concerts, museums, theatres, parties, cinemas etc. for free or with an exclusive discount. Furthermore, the “Key” holders will be able to use their NFTs for shopping (well-known brands) with a significant amount of privileged discount. We call this feature "Key-PASS®," and with the help of our devoted team and supporting community, we will continue to improve and expand its capabilities.

Chris: Furthermore, the keys are artwork NFTs. How have you made each one of the 9999 tokens unique?

Professor: Yes, the “Keys” collection consists of handmade 9999 one-of-a-kind NFTs minted (on OpenSea) on the Ethereum blockchain. These “Keys” are able to “unlock” the “Treasure Chests” NFTs, which are also handmade and unique. The "Treasure Chests" NFTs will be released once each group of 111 "Keys" is sold out. Furthermore, "Keys & Treasure Chests" NFT holders will enjoy exclusive lifelong benefits in both the real world and the Metaverse.

Chris: Also, we read about an upcoming presale. When is it and how can the investor participate in the presale?

Professor: Thank you, our Twitter account will be active and announce the “free giveaway”. We are planning to distribute 5 “Key” NFTs for free (minted), rather than a presale, during the first drop of the “Keys”. The first 111/9999 "Keys" have already been minted and are available for sale on OpenSea.

Chris: How much will be the cost of one token? Also, please share the pointers for minting one Keys & Treasure Chest NFTs.

Professor: As previously indicated, we will distribute 5 “Key” NFTs for free and we strongly recommend the investors to keep an eye on our Twitter account for the “giveaway” announcement. The minting of all NFTs will be handled by our staff. Both "Keys" and "Treasure Chests" NFTs will be available for public sale on OpenSea for 0.1 ETH/each.

Chris: In the end, we would love to know more about the roadmap for the token. Please share your vision for 2022.

Professor: Please let me provide our "Roadmap" in 4 phases, each with a time frame estimate


  • Brainstorming, ideation & creation
  • Launching website, Twitter and Instagram
  • Community building
  • Announce for public sale

PHASE 2: LAUNCH (2022)

  • Selling out the first 111“Keys”
  • Launch Holders Discord (After first sell out)
  • Release of limited “Treasure Chests” to be unlocked (After each sell out)


  • 1 ETH reward every week (Immediately following the sale of each group of 111/9999 Keys)
  • Merchandise (Shipping to 111/9999 Key Holders by the end of 2022)
  • Exclusive giveaways (Beginning by the end of 2022 and continuing)
  • 1-week holiday (5* Hotels) (By the end of 2022 and each year)
  •  “Key-PASS®” partnership contracts (free access or discount for events or products) (Starting by the end of 2022 and continuously growing)
  • Growing the brand “Keys & Treasure Chests” (1st quarter of 2023 and continuously growing)
  • Donation to a non-profit organization approved by our community (2023 and annually)

PHASE 4: METAVERSE (2023 and further)

  • PROFIT ISLAND ® in Metaverse
  • Real estate co-ownerships
  • Events
  • P2E gaming