FIFA Hits the Metaverse Grounds through the Long-term Partnership with Roblox

The international soccer governing body FIFA keeps conquering the metaverse pitch. The new top-rated partnership with the leading web3 gaming platform Roblox gets FIFA to the metaverse terrains, bringing much value for users and fans.

Thus, the FIFA world in Roblox provides immersive experiences, including skill games, challenges for NFT collectors, video content from the FIFA+ archives, and in-game events. The win-win partnership offers access to the FIFA World for both the Roblox metaverse community and avid soccer rooters. The interactive experiences with the cutting-edge Roblox gameplay will create multiple opportunities for soccer and VR fans, including in-game rewards, hang-outs in social spaces, collecting virtual assets across a bunch of skill games, and beyond. The entrance to the Roblox pitch comes, foreseeing the World Cup in Qatar 2023.

As part of our commitment to grow football and develop ways for new fans to engage with the sport, FIFA’s immersive experience will provide football fans with a hugely exciting new way to interact with friends, celebrate the rich culture and heritage around the world’s biggest sports competition, and demonstrate their creativity and national pride through various features and mechanics,” FIFA Chief Business Officer, Romy Gai stated in a press release.

As always, the web3 initiative couldn't go without attracting ambassadors to popularize the brand-new virtual space. Thus, FIFA turned to FC Barcelona and Spain star Pedri as well as to Wolfsburg and Germany midfielder Lena Oberdorf to spread the word about the FIFA world in Roblox through the masses.

Today, Roblox is one of the most popular gaming spaces with millions of new users globally per month. While FIFA fandom counts billions of enthusiastic fans, the exclusive partnership will leverage Roblox influx, alongside increasing the metaverse engagement, especially among younger audiences.

It’s incredibly exciting to see FIFA and Roblox come together, and I can’t wait to be a part of the FIFA World as it continues to evolve! The football fans I see in the stands every week love gaming and it’s great to be taking the FIFA World Cup to them in the digital space and interacting with them directly in our Roblox world.” Soccer icon Pedri said.

The FIFA world comes as a VR hub for fans separated by huge distances, allowing them to celebrate top-tier IRL events in virtual spaces, without the need to travel miles to other cities, countries, or continents.

Sounds appealing to you, eh? Being a soccer fan, you should definitely make use of multiple benefits by exploring FIFA on the Roblox terrains.