Epic Games Rolls out a New Interoperable Web3 Programming Language Verse

The leading gaming company Epic Games is scaling its web3 presence by rolling out a brand-new metaverse programming language, dubbed Verse. With the soaring of web3 technologies, the need for open-source intuitive programming languages to build blockchain-based apps, games, and platforms is getting more urgent. Thus, Epic Games' Verse enters the list of already existing web3 programming languages, such as Clarity, Solidity, Curry, Mercury, and Rust, among others.

Epic Games' new product is claimed as an easy-to-use, logical language to develop web3-based programs. According to the introduction into the Verse, prepared by Epic Games’ Simon Peyton Jones, Tim Sweeney Lennart Augustsson, Koen Claessen, Ranjit Jhala, and Olin Shivers, Verse will be capable to overcome multiple programming issues with a set of outstanding features, as follows:

  • Scalable to running code, written by millions of programmers who do not know each other, that supports billions of users.
  • Transactional from the get-go; the only plausible way to manage concurrence across 1M+ programmers.
  • Strong interop guarantees over time: compile-time guarantees that a module subsumes the API of the previous version.  
  • Learnable as a first language (c.f. Javascript yes, C++ no).
  • Extensible, while mechanisms for the language to grow over time, without breaking code.

Moreover, like its web2 platform, Epic Games has made Verse open-source, enabling developers, artists, and designers to make use of functional logic like Curry and Mercury freely. 

Additionally, the Verse language allows real-time social interaction between users in a shared 3D environment powered by an open economy. 

According to the presentation, Verse also aims to support "interoperable content with live updates of running code, while also leveraging operational standards from multiple game engines including Unity."

While the web3 developer market is still in its early days, the number of metaverse programming languages is limited so far, with an object-oriented and Turing-complete Solidity and open-sourced Rust on top of the ranking. The term Turing-complete refers to a computationally universal system, which is currently at the core of all existing web3 programming languages. 

Driven by other principles, Epic Games' Verse is about to push the evolution of metaverse programming, enabling scalability, interoperability, and fast transactions.

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