Metaverse Group Announced the Dates for the Second Metaverse Fashion Week 2023

After the first-ever Metaverse Fashion Week held in March 2022 had made a great splash, the subsidiary, Metaverse Group, started preparing the show's big comeback. The Metaverse Fashion Week (MVFW) 2023 will be running for four days, starting from March 28th up to 31st, bringing major fashion brands and new players to Decentraland’s catwalk. They will unveil new digital collections walking gracefully along the catwalk inside the Fashion Arena in the Luxury Fashion District. According to Metaverse Group, the list of recognizable fashion houses to join the MVFW for the second time will be unveiled in January 2023. The Metaverse Fashion Week 2023 will center the latest developments in metaverse interoperability and fashion design. 

Traditionally, the metaverse event will be free to attend. Moreover, to join the metaverse fashion craze on desktop devices, attendees won’t need any additional hardware or VR headsets. Hosted on the VR sets of the Luxury Fashion District, the Metaverse Fashion Week 2023 runway shows, virtual shopping of physical items, afterparties, panel talks, and other sorts of fashion-themed activities is likely to become one of the chicest events of the year. Expecting to construct and design the majority of buildings and events on its digital land, Metaverse Group will definitely make the event eye candy. 

While the timing, participants, and other details concerning next year’s MVFW will be announced in a while, one significant addition to the program is already known. Thus, the event will include both physical and virtual participation of Miami Fashion Week for the first time.

“The metaverse represents an obvious use case for digital fashion. As the metaverse develops, users are valuing digital merchandise at the same or higher value than physical goods. We are pleased to see the return of Metaverse Fashion Week and the ongoing successful growth of Metaverse Group,” Andrew Kiguel, CEO of and Executive Chairman of Metaverse Group commented on the upcoming event.

Recalling the MVFW 2022, the inaugural event attracted over 108,000 visitors to its virtual terrains, offering them the luxury world of NFT wearables and metaverse entertainment. The first show in Decentraland then gathered over 50 luxury fashion houses and digital brands, topped by Dolce & Gabbana, Tommy Hilfiger, Selfridges, Guo Pei, and Paco Rabanne. As part of the four-day digital fashion festivities, over 165K free wearables were minted and dozens of exclusive branded metaverse and physical wearables were sold.

We’ll keep sniffing the wind for updates concerning the MVFW 2023, providing you with the latest detail on the upcoming event. Stay tuned!