Winamp to Release an Audio-Video Support for Ethereum and Polygon Music NFTs

The most loved old-school Windows media player Winamp is back on the track again. After its big return earlier this year, the company's gaining pace in web3, releasing the latest Winamp Windows desktop version compatible with audio NFTs. With the accessibility and innovation in its DNA, Winamp bursts into the space as the first-ever media player that reads NFT audio and video files like any other existing format.

Thus, the brand-new update will make it possible for users to view, manage and play NFT files covering both audio and video under the ERC-721 and ERC-1155 standards, driven by Ethereum and Polygon's MATIC. To try the new player, users can link their Metamask wallet to Google Chrome, Firefox, or the crypto-focused Brave browser.

While increasingly more musicians are entering the NFT space, Winamp's non-fungible initiative could not have been more relevant so far. According to Winamp CEO Alexandre Saboundjian, the company aims to make web3 music mainstream by offering users a "creative social hub for music makers and listeners to collaborate and connect with emerging and major artists around the globe."

But playing music NFTs is far from being the only feature of Winamp's update. Thus, the company aims to create a community-driven hub, where each member can create music from samples and loops to further turn their custom tracks into NFTs.

“Winamp was a key part of the first digital music innovation when mp3s changed the way we listen and enjoy music,” Saboundjian explains, adding, “Now we’re supporting the leading edge of the next one, as more and more artists explore web3 and its potential.”

The new Winamp's cross-platform creator-rich service connecting musicians and their fans in web3 is scheduled to launch in the upcoming 2023. Stay tuned and keep your ears open for updates!