Alice Lynx Alice Lynx 08.09.2021

Doja Cat Gets Into the NFT Game

As fascinating as the previous NFT edition is, Planet Doja's move to provide a total of 26,000 collectibles on a limited basis while also providing more VIP concert packages to spice up the offer.

Planet Doja tokens will house 26,000 limited-edition collectibles and a variety of VIP concert packages. For NFT users who are not really aware of Doja Cat, you can check out Dolce and Gabbana Alta Moda's show which broadcasted on the 30th of August this year.

The show took place in Venice, Italy, and attracted many followers from Europe. Looking at the actual designer and thematic approach of Doja Cat, a flower-filled colorful, and diamond-filled world which now with the entrance of crypto to the scene has turned all digital.

When you reach out for Planet Doja's official website you will see all these in the explicit display. You probably know of Doja Cat, the pop star who was actual named after this world of color and spectacular wonder.

The pop star was recently envisaged in the world of NFT as she will be part and parcel of the collection. With a new album on the line which was seemingly dragged by a month, she will surely drop some of the tracks on OneOf (a widely reached music marketing platform that is not only eco-friendly but flexible).

OneOf was officially launched in May and since then it has become the hub of activity, thanks to Quincy Jones who pushed for NFT contribution. Obviously, Doja was going to comment at some point and her remark was pretty interesting.

She said that her NFT engagement will be totally different from other people's ventures though she confessed that her reputation upholds less knowledge about Non-fungible tokens.

Looking at the initial drop, it houses a figure of around 26,000 collectibles which are of cause limited in edition. However, the collection has two sides or divisions.

The first division is called gold tier flower while the second one is called platinum tier elemental tokens. There is a common feature between the two, fixed prices. These prices have a range starting from $100.

Looking at the gold tier flower, it holds multiple opportunities to clinch tickets for the highly expected Doja Cat concert. As for platinum tier NFTs they however come with opportunities to clinch as many VIP tickets as possible.

Golden tickets are basically divided into three and these are premium seats, perks, and merch. Remember, everyone has an opportunity to clinch these. Going back to the diamond tier, which is rare and scarce will officially be launched when Doja Cat releases a couple of tracks.

Track release is pretty soon and NFT clients should be on the lookout. The tracks will be accompanied with some interesting golden tickets, VIP obviously and for better purchases they be will going for auction with a $2,500 price tag.

Also, be on the lookout for OneOf tier which shall offer some interesting one-of-one tokens. We are talking about the flashing part of the ticket session. There is a lot of expectations from Doja Cat fans and OneOf representatives.