Alice Lynx Alice Lynx 09.09.2021

A Kings of Leon NFT will launch soon on SpaceX's private Inspiration4 spaceflight

Kings of Leon NFTs will be auctioned soon to St Judes Children's, a socially responsible research hospital meant to cater to each and every important form of detail related to medicine and treatment.

King of Leon, the great rock band which has been dominating the space also headed to the digital scene. September will be a great month for SpaceX's private Inspiration4. They will establish their NFT move which will be graced with one of the greatest band songs from King of Leon.

King of Leon songs will bring so much to the gallery and it is their first step into NFT art, a move that will attract more music groups to embrace digital ownership.

Looking at the civilian space lift, 14 September will be the date of launch. The day will see off a total of 51 non-fungible tokens. On top of that 51 tallies, King of Leon will stage a show under the banner 'Time in Disguise'.

The fascinating part about Time of Disguise is the pioneering tempo. It is the first song to be minted under NFT, the first of its kind to be placed for sale under orbit. Inspiration4 members commended King of Leon's move and cooperation.

They updated the NFT community on the move to dispatch 50 NFTs, pieces that are crafted by various artists. Inspiration4 is actually breaking boundaries because soon they will setting off to the earth’s orbit to meet up with SpaceX's crew.

They will officially meet at an international space station, the first of its kind. You are wondering the one financial muscle identity behind this groundbreaking move. Well, thanks to Jared Isaacman who is also a founder of Shift4 sponsored the whole move.

Isaacman is also the chief commander of the trip to space and he will even be accompanied by Hayley Arceneaux, Sian Proctor, and Chris Sembroski. All of them are excited not only about going to space but because of pioneering.

It's all about the charity at the end of the day because Inspiration4 target is to raise a total of $200 million. All proceeds amounting to that tally will be transferred to St Judes Children's Research Hospital. NFT is part and parcel of the whole process since rewards will be dispatched digitally.

All the flying missions and related features will be set for auction meaning that potential buyers have a chance to select that which suits them. King of Leon is very grateful for such an amazing gesture in NFT and Inspiration4 history.

It's a great honor for them to pioneer minted songs on an orbit. At the moment Time in Disguise is being auctioned by Yellowheart. The auction will be closed at the end of September and so far it has surpassed $50,000.

Thanks to NFT which offers that free and flexible auctioning platform. When it comes to NFTs they will be found on Origin Protocol which successfully minted them. Bidding for NFTs will be open on the 14th of September and they will be closed weeks after launch.