Unifred Unifred 17.03.2023

DeGods to Mint 535 NFTs on Bitcoin This Week

Popular Solana-based NFT project DeGods has announced that its much-anticipated minting event for 535 NFTs on the Bitcoin network will occur in the near future, namely on Friday afternoon or over the weekend. 

Implementing a first-come-first-serve policy, 500 DeGods will be available for public minting on the Bitcoin blockchain. Since the Bitcoin network isn’t natively designed to support the integration of digital collectibles, the Ordinal protocol, which uses inscriptions to assign arbitrary content to satoshis, will come into play.

Anyone participating in the public mint would have two wallets. One would be a self-custodial Bitcoin wallet with a balance of 0.444 BTC to make the purchase. The second wallet would be a Bitcoin Ordinal wallet for receiving the inscription.

A day after the public mint, DeGods will auction or raffle 34 items from the collection using the DUST token as a means of payment. The project would donate the gains realized from the sale to DustDAO, a decentralized organization for the DeGods ecosystem.

The final DeGods token, dubbed “The Original Frank,” has been auctioned in the DUST token ahead of the public mint. The one-of-a-kind NFT is the original profile picture of the project’s founder, Rohun Vora, known by the pseudonym – Frank DeGods. 

The auction ended hours ago with a final price of 44,256 $DUST. A Twitter user with the name Big Brain DT became the lucky owner of this NFT

Meanwhile, the total 535 DeGods NFTs can be described as resurrected collectibles since they were burned last year to reduce the total supply of the project’s collection. The team mentioned that the recently auctioned NFT was the first burned DeGod NFT.

The mint website, which is yet to be released, will contain further details users need to partake in the public release. Regarding the exact time of the mint, the DeGods developer team noted:

“Our current estimate for the mint is Friday afternoon PST. While this is an estimate, it is extremely unlikely that the mint date will be pushed beyond this weekend.”

The team also assured that the website launch would occur early enough for users to adapt to its interface and make the public mint smooth. DeGods has liaised with the Luxor Mining team to keep the process simple and secure.

DeGods is making bold moves to achieve its goal, namely to become the number one NFT project on the Bitcoin network. This ambition clearly indicates the project's determination to succeed in the highly competitive NFT space and it has all chances to make it real.