DeGods NFTs Transit to the Bitcoin Ordinals Protocol

The overwhelming success of the Ordinals protocol, which allows minting NFTs directly on the Bitcoin blockchain, draws more and more big-name projects to the world's first blockchain. Ordinals acquired international acclaim after the launch of the Bitcoin equivalent of the CryptoPunks NFT collection, dubbed BitcoinPunks.

One of the latest communities to reboot on BTC is the largest Solana NFT collection – DeGods. Thus, 535 DeGods NFTs, which were burnt last year to cap the supply, have now been reborn on Bitcoin’s Ordinals protocol. In other words, those DeGods have been currently 'inscribed' permanently on the Bitcoin blockchain, which means that the assets can now be minted on this network.

“Bitcoin is the best brand in crypto — just as pristine as it gets,” DeGods Founder, Frank commented on the tokens' resurrection, adding, “It’s the most well known, and truly as simple but powerful as it can get…Aligning ourselves with the best brand in crypto is a no-brainer at any given point in time.”

To ensure the transition to Bitcoin goes flawlessly, the DeGods developers partnered with Luxor Technologies CEO, Nick Hansen. Together, they inscribed the 535 DeGods NFTs onto a single block. However, the inscription wouldn't go without the compression to a lower resolution of 210×210 pixels to ensure the successful change of the blockchain

The news was shared via the official DeGods Twitter post. Thus, the team announced that the 535 NFTs will only be available as Ordinals, with all the details of the rollout to be announced in a while.

We'll keep our eyes open to the freshest updates from the DeGods NFT project. Stay tuned for the upcoming mint on BTC!