Chris Chris 20.01.2022

Early Minters will Receive a Guaranteed Limited Edition Rune NFT, once the Game will be Launched — Founder's Interview

Chris: Hi there! How are you? What's your name? 

Leonard: My name is Leonard. I am co-founder and project manager of Cyborg Legends.
In my early 20s, I co-founded an industry leading company in the igaming sector and contributed to the creation of more than 300 web based games, until present date.

Chris: Cyborg Legends NFT is a play-to-earn battle game supported by the NFT space. How did the NFT conceptualize for you? What is the story behind it?

Leonard: We started the project with one thing in mind: when it comes to traditional gaming, people do not own their assets. And we felt like we can do something to change this!

Through Cyborg Legends, we aim to give true ownership to all the users so that they can be in control of their assets. Besides this, we wanted people to be motivated to play our game by both gaming experience and the monetary rewards.

We know how captivating fantasy games can be and, at the same time, how thrilling scifi games can be, so our project’s aim was to combine the two worlds into a legendary game.

Chris: The Cyborg Legends are an impressive set of NFTs. What are the different clans? How do the investors pick their clans?

Leonard: There are eight clans in our universe: Human, High Elf, Dwarf, Treant, Dark Elf, Undead, Demon and Orc, each with specific characteristics. When minting an NFT Mystery Box, a random NFT, of a random tier, belonging to a random clan is picked. Basically, there’s a chance to get a maxed out (Tier 5) Demon NFT, for example, from our boxes. If someone wants a specific clan, they would have to pick one from the Marketplace on OpenSea.

Chris: Furthermore, do you have some rare types in each clan? How does one define the rarities in the Cyborg Legends NFT?

Leonard: Since we’re all gamers in the core team, we wanted to make some of our characters stand out a bit, as we know how much special items are appreciated. Thus, some classes have golden armors (Dark Elves), others have horns (Demons and Treants), others are loaded with a shield for extra defense (Humans). Even more, each NFT character will also have its own set of skills which will play a critical role in the team setup. And I strongly believe this is going to be one of the most appreciated features of the game!

Chris: So, how do I go about minting a Cyborg Legends NFT? What will be my minting cost per unit?

Leonard: I would like to mention first that currently we have 5 Tiers for our NFTs and that the tier plays the most important part in determining its value: 1(Common), 2(Rare), 3(Epic), 4(Legendary), 5(Ascended)

These being said, for this sale, we created 3 mystery boxes, each with different NFTs, while the price of the box is determined by its contents.

The first one, the Starter Mystery Box, costs 20 MATIC and it will give a random tier NFT, from Tier1,2,3,4,5 with more chances towards gaining a Tier1. However, we already had a few cases in which those who got a Starter Mystery Box got some really cool Tier 4 characters!

The 2nd one, the Advanced Mystery Box, costs 125 MATIC and the lowest NFT that the user can get is a Tier2, which has a recommended sale price after minting of 175 MATIC.

Finally, the 3rd one, the VIP Mystery Box is meant for people who want the best of the best NFTs, as you’ll have a very high chance of obtaining an Ascended NFT, which is also animated and has 4 skill slots unlocked.

These prices are available only during the Founder’s sale and they will increase once it’s over.

Chris: Additionally, do you also have a minting limit per user? How much is gas?

Leonard: There is no minting limit per user so everybody can mint as many characters as they want. Or afford, of course. Also, what’s very important is that minting a Cyborg Legends NFT doesn’t involve any gas fees. We chose the Polygon Network exactly for that reason, to avoid gas wars.

Chris: How do players build teams on the Cyborg Legends platform? Do you have a common space like a Cyborg legends club or a clan-specific club?

Leonard: Players can build teams based on the NFTs that they own. When entering any game mode, they will be able to see a character selection screen and then assemble their team. What’s very interesting is that the way the team is assembled can have an impact on the result of the fight, since some clans ‘cooperate’ very good with others, while others don’t get along very well.

Chris: Finally, what are the benefits of a Cyborg Legends NFT holder? What more can he do with the NFT? Please highlight.

Leonard: There are quite a lot of advantages participants to our Founder’s Sale have, reason why this event shouldn’t be missed! To be more specific, this is the list of ‘goodies’ we’ve prepared:

  • REBATE: Early Minters will get back 50% of their invested amount as bonus at our Tavern. However, in order to cash out this bonus they must clear the rollover requirement of x200;

  • REBATE: Early Minters will get back 5% of their invested amount, paid in CYBL-Tokens, in their MATIC Wallet Address (starting from Feb 2022);

  • PASSIVE REVENUE: Early Minters will receive Share Points at our Tavern (Casino) and gain Passive Revenue from the Tavern’s profit, paid in CYBL-Tokens every month until the game will be released (read more on our Store page);
  • Early Minters will be automatically listed to participate in one of our giveaways for 250 Avatar NFTs — limited edition; (recommended sale price: 125 MATIC);

  • Early Minters will receive a guaranteed limited edition Rune NFT, once the game will be launched if you buy Advanced Mystery Box. Only 10,000 Rune NFTs will be minted);(recommended sale price: 25 MATIC );

  • After verifying their NFT ownership on our Discord server, Early Minters will receive a special title — Cyborg Army Founder — as a token of our gratitude, for being with us from the very first stage of the project;

  • If someone mints at least 5x Starter Mystery Box, then they will have a chance to win a Legendary NFT (recommended sale price: 3,500 MATIC ) — winner will be selected on 30th January;
  • If someone mints at least 1x Advanced Mystery Box, then they will have the chance to win an Ascended NFT (recommended sale price: 12,500 MATIC ) — winner will be selected on 30th January;
  • If someone mints at least 3 x Advanced Mystery Box, then they will have the chance to win a complete team of Cyborgs (3x Tier 3 + 2x Tier 4) — winner will be selected on 30th January.

Not only this, but our NFT holders will be the first people to be whitelisted when the next sale will come out so that they will be the first to take advantage of our promotions! You can join our social (Twitter and Discord ) so as not to miss new updates.