Chris Chris 19.01.2022

This Project was Born to Create a Fun Metaverse Experience but Quickly Evolved into a lot More — Creator's Interview

We are joined by Austin Wilson/Master Harambe —Creator, Digital Marketing.

Chris: Harambe Club NFT’s have staking, breeding, and a P2E card game. What is your story behind the development of this NFT?

Austin: Harambe Club has staking, breeding, P2E card game, and a metaverse experience on The Sandbox. This project was born to create a fun metaverse experience but quickly evolved into a lot more as our community wanted more utilities. I'm a big fan of Yugioh and that's what is inspiring the P2E card game.

Chris: Harambe Club NFTs are divided equally between the Ethereum and the Polygon? This is quite unusual. Why did you choose to pick two Blockchains?

Austin: This project is on 2 different networks because I prefer the Polygon Network with its super-low gas fees and fast transaction speeds. However, most people prefer the Ethereum Network and in order to get Harambe Club to the masses, we chose to also deploy half of the collection to the ETH network and the other half to Polygon network. Our utilities are built on Polygon so all ETH Harambe Club holders will need to bridge over to polygon to stake and earn $GUAVA. Instructions to use the bridge are coming soon after the ETH drop date on 1/31/22.

Chris: Fair point. So, for an investor, aren’t the charges similar to high gas fees when they move their NFTs from the Matic to the Ethereum network for trading? We mean that network transfers also bear some fee so, the cost would be similar for the investor. Won’t it?

Austin: Yes, the cost is roughly the same across both networks. Mint costs 0.04 ETH on Ethereum or 50 MATIC on Polygon.

Chris: Interesting, are you going to have price differences for Harambe Club NFT over the two blockchains or is it simply the difference in the gas fees?

Austin: Gas fees are the only difference over the two blockchains

Chris: When is the minting date on both platforms? Will you be having a presale as well?

Austin: Minting date for ETH is 1.31.22 but the presale is going on now. Polygon minting is live.

Chris: So, the dates for token release are different on the two blockchains. You also have different minting limits. Please explain the reason in simple terms for our readers.

Austin: The minting date for Polygon was earlier so we could build our community plus get more funding for advertising before dropping on Ethereum. We currently spend around $100/day on Google Ads for this project and that is fueled from community minting on Polygon now.

Chris: How does one play the P2E card game once they purchase Harambe Club NFT? What else can the investor do with their Harambe tokens?

Austin: The P2E card game has not been built yet. However, all investors will be able to stake and earn $GUAVA right away.

Chris: Furthermore, what is your roadmap for the future for Harambe Club NFT investors? How does the token progress once NFTs are sold?

Austin: So far we have created a really cool game on The Sandbox, and we are almost done with our Staking dapp. It will be live by the time we drop on Ethereum. In the near future you can expect to see 3 more games on The Sandbox, a giant social hub on The Sandbox, P2E trading card game, breeding, and 3D voxel Harambes that are playable characters in The Sandbox. You can view our roadmap on the homepage of our website.

Chris: Finally, the investor wants to be regularly updated on what’s latest at Harambe Club. Please share where should one go to get the most recent news and updates?

Austin: The best place to stay updated is our discord but you can also join our email list.