Chris Chris 26.10.2022

An NFT Open World Narrative Game With Ttrpg Elements — Creator's Interview

What's good in the hood, folks? I'll tell you what. Today my guest is Arbiter Rex. He is the Blood Vessels gamelead and a veteran of video game design and production.

Chris: Let us start by asking you what you considered unique about your NFTs collection? What is the inspiration behind its creation?

Rex: Blood Vessels is a vampire-themed, blockchain-powered, community driven narrative experience with tabletop role playing elements. The game is played on discord, using custom built bots developed by the team’s engineer’s. 

It is set during the World’s Columbian Exposition of 1893 where players take on the role of vampires mutated by a strange virus. These creatures have risen up from the ashes of the Great Chicago Fire of 1871 with each exhibiting powers and abilities beyond mortals. 

The vampires of blood vessels must work together to uncover the mysteries hidden within the cracks and crevices of Chicago streets or devour each other as villainous factions to pursue their own agenda. 

Chris: What are the utilities or the benefits for the holders of these NFTs? 

Rex: Players immerse themselves in the world of Blood Vessels by purchasing a unique NFT vampire, which acts as their ticket to the Blood Vessels narrative gameplay. Each vampire is a one-on-one avatar, with individual art assets and game attributes. Owners also get a price lock on future Blood Vessels mints, as well as growing utility as their NFT becomes their game piece in this ever-evolving adventure. 

By partnering with ImmutableX- Ethereum’s leadig Layer 2 (L2) fully carbon neutral scaling solution- Blood Vessels features playable vampire characters in the form of non-fungible tokens that players use to shape the story.

Chris: Can you tell our audience about your artists and designers?

Rex: We worked with some seriously fantastic artists to capture the muted, but entracing elegance of our vampires. We wanted to avoid looking like too gamey, and more like an art piece. Our designers have worked on a range of games for Kongregate including many of our successful mobile titles.

Chris: What is the price of each NFT and how many are available for minting? What will be the minting process? 

Rex: There are 250 vampires available for minting and if you are part of the allow list you can mint it for 100 USD and if not, it will cost 200 USD.

The drop will happen on 26th October at 12PM, PST. Purchase your own vampire NFT by visiting our website.  

Chris: In the end, please help us understand the key milestones you hope your project will achieve before the year ends? What is your plan for 2023?    

Rex: World domination, or at least some of our players might be planning for that. Blood Vessels is a narrative game and one we want the players to help direct. The story is mutable, and not set in stone, we want the community to direct it. 

We also want to create more utility for Blood Vessel vampire holders. More gameplay and deeper stories. Also, don't forget to join our Discord and Twitter. It is the best way to stay informed on news and announcements.