Refik Anadol's Machine Hallucinations Became the First AI NFT to Be Viewed at the Grammy Awards

On February 6th the most prestigious music ceremony of the year, the 65th Grammy Awards was taking place in Los Angeles. Traditionally, the night was filled with heartfelt performances and speeches by the brightest stars on the musical skies. There was also an astonishing thing that made the ceremony of this year stand out from all foregone events. That was a real-time AI artwork being displayed on the screens during the ceremony.

Numerous crypto and NFT enthusiasts among the honored nominees and guests of the Grammy recognized in those visuals Refik Anadol’s artificial intelligence-powered NFT series dubbed Machine Hallucinations. The immersive, motion artworks were first revealed to the public in September 2021 at Sotheby’s, inviting collectors on a highly spiritual, mind-altering journey to their inner selves. This AI data sculpture utilizes a series of pictures of nebulas, galaxies, and stars, artfully intertwining together in a beautiful ensemble. It is a reflection of AI’s huge power and potential, allowing viewers to explore the universe and expand their understanding of the unknown.

A pioneer in AI NFTs, a celebrated Turkish-American artist, and director Refik Anadol is one of the major contributors to blockchain tech and machine learning mass adoption. His innovative approaches to data narratives retold by the morphing whimsical splashes of colors and shapes in the Machine Hallucinations collection have pushed the boundaries of post-digital architecture.

“This is the first time an AI artwork and the first artwork from an NFT collection has been used for a Grammy broadcast,” Anadol said.

Viewed by over 12 million people worldwide, this digital installation at the Grammy Awards opened the door to the world of AI and NFT art to the masses.