File-Sharing Giant WeTransfer Develops a Mobile NFT Solution in Partnership with Minima

The popular digital file-sharing service WeTransfer is entering web3 in partnership with the blockchain platform Minima. The two companies have joined efforts to integrate NFTs into the network, allowing users to create, share, and trade digital assets directly from their smartphones without turning to third-party tools. 

The peer-to-peer blockchain platform Minima is a mobile-friendly Layer 1 network that utilizes its ultra-light protocol to "run a full constructing and validating node." According to Minima's extensive whitepaper, the company's now building a fully decentralized network, allowing a prompt, secure, and easy way of peer-to-peer transfers. To exclude the need for third-party services, the blockchain utilizes its in-house Minima coin.

The upcoming NFT solution is currently in its testnet phase, with plans to go live already in March, covering 180 countries around the globe. Besides allowing clients to generate NFTs from their phones or any other device, they will also be able to control the process of sharing their digital assets as well as get access to the tools for monetization of their NFTs.

The partnership with WeTransfer is a significant milestone for both companies, as well as a great move for popularizing NFT technology.

“This partnership will explore the practical use of NFT technology, something which interests not only the crypto industry but will be a test case to demonstrate the potential of wider adoption of this innovative digital tool," Minima CEO Hugo Feiler commented on the collaboration.

Web3 technology is gaining pace, pushing more web2 companies to adjust their work models to the blockchain. This new collaboration is about to become a driving force of NFT mainstreaming, making the process of creating, trading, and sharing digital assets as simple as a usual bank transfer.