Alice Lynx Alice Lynx 09.09.2021

A bunch of ape NFTs just sold for $24.4 million

NFT mania showed users that seizing is not on the menu after the NFT community witnessed a $24.4 million sell out of 101 NFTs from prominent platforms Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) and Sotheby.

The $24.4 tally automatically makes it the largest in all of the NFT market spectrum. CryptoPunks has been shaking the market of late looking at their nine projects selling out for a total of $16.9 million in the month of May.

However, Beeple was not left behind as it went on to gain a total of $69 million in the month of March (earlier than CryptoPunks). Yes, it is very mountainous to create a comparison between sell-outs and gains between the two but the common denominator is that NFT art is currently in a booming session and it shall continue like that for a while.

It's a clear call for buyers to consider NFT at this time and moment. Looking at Sotheby's two sales, they are dispatched from Yunga Labs. Yunga Labs is the official maker of Bored Yacht Club. BAYC was officially established in April and from then it has been a favorite.

The first-ever collection was huge, containing a total of 10,000 apes which were, in a partial fashion, randomly created in specific formulas. These arrangements included stud earrings and eye patches. These two are just a pick from a whole lot meaning that arrangements are many.

Benefits attached to Ape membership are interesting because Ape owners have to be members of the titular club. Titular Club is a host of benefits, it also includes merch drops and bonus NFTs.

Looking at Bored Ape Kennel Club, it is a chain of accompanying dog NFT. These NFTs were successfully transferred to ape owners. That's how the club operates in basic terminology.

Just like many crypto bases operations, there is always a dark net whenever crypto platforms gain traction and in the sense of generative NFTs like these, a spike of diabolical and dubious replicas have been perpetrated to gain an advantage.

However, BAYC still managed to become the second-largest collection in the NFT community. Obviously, CryptoPunks was the head. For cheap ape purchases, users can easily obtain them for $149,000.

Sotheby and Christie, two well-known auction centers adored for their total reputation have advanced and extended their operations on these fresh art sales. Christie’s September calendar includes BAYC which is a good move.

No Time Like Present Sale Overview

This is one auction session to look out for from Christie. Check out for Shawn Yue (prominent actor and Asian collector). Yue has a 20 year collection period under his sleeve and has been taking part in NFT for a long time.

NFT will be groundbreaking in Asia for the first time and expect nothing but an array of exceptional NFT minted art. We are talking hubs of physical art and exceptional deals. Physical pieces like Nun, explicitly tailored by George Condo are some artworks in the spotlight.