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9/11 Day Partners with Epik to Produce First-Ever NFT Metaverse Multi-Game Fundraiser to Support 20th Anniversary of September 11th

NFT members receive wonderful news on the recent engagement with New York City artists, prominent gaming studios including Sandbox and Atom Universe in a bid to support 9/11 day. The main target areas are NFTs and exclusive in games digital collectibles. In remembrance of the 9/11 saga which left many in shock, Epik made it official that all brands which are part and parcel of video gaming were all in a partnership to honor the day.

It was a groundbreaking initiative because there has never been such a movement with such an agenda at its core. It was also the first partnership by video game brands in a bid to support charity since the whole outreach was a non-profit movement.

Epik leads all the way in controlling operations and updates on processions. It was a tough journey that demanded a lot of attention, funding, and corporation. It took months to come up with progressive coordination but thanks to the passion exerted by each and every member, tens of millions were raised from users across the world.

Selection into the exclusive NFT outreach step is very effective and beneficial to reputation because you will assist in fundraising and creating amazing awareness campaigns. It's a long-living drive that will benefit the younger generation in the gaming world and newbies who have not grasped the gaming world cores.

Thanks to a successful collaboration of Epik with other prominent names like Avakin Life and Atom Universe, they will all pay attention to the greater cause. Along the way, NFT Metaverse, Playtika, and the majority of corporations joined the bandwagon. Their main objective was to establish fresh gaming packages and an array of digital collectibles.

Also on the agenda was NFTs bundle all this together and reaffirm the coherence to campaigns. It is the 20th anniversary of 9/11 and there is no better way for the gaming community to do the honor. Co-founder of Epik and current Chief Executive Officer Victor David did not mince his words on how the project shall serve its prime task.

He said that Epik is very proud of leading such a strategic initiative. 9/11 was a moment in history where many were left with bitterness but this stride is all meant to remember loved ones. He reiterated that engagements with such powerhouses like Metaverse and NFT are a good rally for what is the first of its kind in history. As the first initiative for an amalgamation of gaming projects for a charity cause, gamers truly felt the idea of where the project was coming from and going.

Epik clearly feels that such programs are all in all important in video corporation bids to have a close call engagement with supporters and audiences. Victor David also remarked how important it is for Epik in honoring the day citing that other digital platforms should follow suit and come up with intuitive ways of honoring.

The cause combined all expected efforts and strengthened relations between various corporations. It's an opportunity for NFT and Epik to open up a lot of doors in the video gaming industry.

More engagements followed through as shown in Epik’s curative approach to digital artworks from NFT. Remember many artworks have been tailored and perfectly made by New York city's finest artists, who are not only passionate but experienced. You talk of such names as Cope2, Studio 502, and Jerome Gastaldi. Michael Rieger and Vladimir Nazarov also came along the way.

Such names have beefed up artwork in their galleries. On a weekly basis, NFT shall release collections from various artists campaigning for 9/11. As usual, the artwork will be auctioned and sold to the public. Likewise, all proceeds will be streamed directly to the charity.

In actual fact, the donation destination has an official code for legitimacy, it is called 501 (c) (3). For more information on drops, check out on the 2nd, 7th, and 11th of September.

About Epik

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For a long, it has facilitated premium game elevation in blockchain mainstream. Epik has also carried out amazing collaborations to facilitate collectibles. It's an archive that is beefed up with exceptional engagements with extraordinary project pursuers like NFT. In actual fact, Epik is the first brand in its category to facilitate branding with AAA and NFTs. Some of the prominent clients under its banner include Warner Music, Garena, and Universal Music Group.