Alice Lynx Alice Lynx 03.09.2021

Doge meme NFT's value flies from $4 million to $220 million overnight after getting split into 17 billion pieces

If you hear of Dogecoin, think of lucrative, profits, expensive tags, and standard coins ever delivered by the Non-Fungible Token (NFT) platform. You probably have heard of Dogecoin Shiba Inu going by the name Kabosu.

Yes, Kabuso has broken the $4 million tally by directly splitting it into an amazing 17 billion pieces. Yes, you thought it was right, profits were amazing! Kabosu reached a $220 profit tally making community ownership a spectacular possibility.

NFT fanatics will be pleased to know that NFT now stands $220 valuation tally. That's 55 times more than PleasarDao. If you are not aware of PleasarDao, it is a digital entity which bases on decentralization and autonomy. It was sold out rightly in the past months. The immense growth of NFT in recent ages has been largely due to the growth of Bored Ape Yacht Club, an NFT entity auctioned by Sotheby.

Sotheby is successfully expecting a $12 million tally which is pretty good in its manner. Though such a tally is expected, NFT fanatics should understand that the current highest bid stands at $4.5 million. In the last month, NFT tally sales have surpassed 5 lakh in what is expected to be a $2.3 billion valuation tag.

PleasarDao presents some interesting detail. Doge meme auctioning can be a success story for many prospective Mona Lisa owners because the future of Louvre engagement is high. Dogecoin is currently being put on the map by the Doge meme. If you were not aware, Dogecoin is the eighth largest coin in the entirety of cryptocurrency with the top three being dominated by Bitcoin.

Its total valuation currently stands at $39.35 billion. Remember we mentioned that 17 billion pieces were successfully divided and $3.4 billion worth of NFTs from that pieced tally have all been placed on auction.

This is an attempt to grow the industry big and gain a lot of profitability. We just have to give users those minute details. Each and every ERC-20 token which also goes by the name $DOG is priced at 0.0000035186)(W/ETH). In dollars, it's tagged at $0.013.

The recent auction manages to come up with 11,942 W/ETH. The total amount of Wrapped Ethereum is currently valued at $44.6 million which simply means that the total value of NFT now stands at $220 million. There are some exciting deals for fractional tokens because developers and NFT experts are tagging a $398 million valuation tally. That's a high number which is very successful.