Alice Lynx Alice Lynx 06.09.2021

Dex Aggregator 1inch Partners With NFT Animated Series ‘Take My Muffin’

3 September marked the launch of an exciting engagement between NFT and Dex Aggregator. Take My Muffin, an animation series offer to fall under NFT officiated a joint operation with Dex Aggregator.

In actual fact, Take My Muffin seem to have been confirmed as co-founded by NFT, a growing crypto network. Thanks to great animation studio personnel, users have a chance to get an idea of what such an exciting partnership entails.

1inch Network Sponsors ‘Take My Muffin’ Animated NFT Series

Take My Muffin is pretty new on the scene and its joint engagement with Dex Aggregator has proven to be one exciting venture. In actual fact NFT will be doing all the funding and sponsoring towards 1-inch network system. Users have to understand that from the beginning, NFT has been financially supporting Take My Muffin and you will be more excited to discover that Take My Muffin is the first and initial animation series to be funded and sponsored by a cryptocurrency platform.

It was a groundbreaking move when it was enacted in motion. The 1-inch network is also tagged as one of the best promising projects bundled in the crypto industry. What does Take My Muffin entail?

Well, the story is pretty amazing. It all starts with a journey guided by a unicorn by the name of Korney. After a disturbing car crash, Corney totally loses control of mind control and then goes on to lose each and every detailed memory. Toonbox Studio was responsible for funding Take My Muffin through cryptocurrency funds since day one.

Developers also alluded to the presence of TMM NFT tokens which are critical in times of governance. Such features like the TMM NFT token are all provided to facilitate a wonderful experience.

If you are worried about modern tech attachments, worry not because Take My Muffin has got you covered. Examples of such additions include decentralized finance and other reputable technological elements which surely come in hand.

Looking at Toonbox Studio, its headquarters lie in Cyprus. Even though such is the case, Toonbox Studio has an array of writers, animating professionals, and artists dotted around the world.

That's in itself is a clear sign that users are simply dealing with a worldwide crypto initiative. 2022 shall mark the establishment of a 1-inch network with this respective animation series.

For the adults’ version of taking My Muffin, 2022 will be the launch date. Do not worry about visual projection and explicit imagery because all will be set on a 2x2 screen set coupled with elite streaming services.