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Xtingles is the first-of-a-kind mobile NFT platform that will help creators store Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) art. NFTs on the marketplace go by the name "Tings." Unlike most NFTs that came before this project, "Tings" do not have a fear-of-missing-out aspect attached to them. Instead, Xtingles emphasizes fun and enjoyment for the participants. As a result, trading the NFTs requires less gas than ordinary NFTs. The marketplace launched in Fall 2021 with a debut drop of the first ASMR NFT titled "Free Like a Butterfly." Creators and collectors got a feel of what it feels like to trade ASMR NFTs on a platform that gets buyers in each drop. 
Xtingles brings new opportunities for creators and collectors. First, the consumers can show support by buying and trading NFTs from their favorite artists. Secondly, creators can collaborate with the company's visual and auditory teams to make market-ready tokens. Once the NFTs are released to the market, the creator receives income from the initial purchase. Later on, more passive income comes their way through royalties from secondary sales.

In the debut NFT drop, the tokens were minted for 29 FUSD. That means users can only trade on Xtingles using the FUSD stable coin utilized on Flow Blockchain. Users yet to acquire FUSD are required to purchase FUSD on exchange platforms like Moonpay.

Anyone can join the Xtingles platform as a creator or collector. The creators aim to bring a one-of-a-kind ASMR metaverse to over 1 billion users worldwide. That can only happen with full community involvement. The xtingles website has direct links to platforms like Discord, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube, where participants can easily get updates related to the project. New participants can get a detailed overview of the xtingles project on the website's homepage. The developers included login and sign-up buttons in the right corner to make joining easy for new members. The landing page includes a link pointing to the xtingles marketplace, where you can locate the latest drops by creators and trade the NFTs you own.  You can seamlessly sort the NFTs into:

  • Artists
  • Collections
  • New Tings

Xtingles is a privately held company led by Andrew Fai, the Chief Visionary Officer, among others. In total, the company brings together a workforce of more than 20 employees drawn from different professions. However, that number should grow bigger as the marketplace attracts more creators and collectors.

Since the marketplace does not have its cryptocurrency, it relies on the FUSD stable coin based on the Flow Blockchain. Therefore, NFT buyers have to own enough FUSD before they can trade tokens on Xtingles. The first NFT drop in the fall of 2021 allowed buyers to purchase their first tokens using debit and credit cards. However, that is set to change in the future. Trading using FUSD has very little difference from fiat transactions using the American dollar because it has 1:1 backing by the dollar. Using the token, dApp developers and users have a consistent payment experience when trading NFT. Additionally, it makes a good alternative for users who do not hold the native token used in the Flow blockchain.

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