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Liquidifty is a new NFT marketplace designed to bring more liquidity to the NFT space by providing diversified products to its users. It provides users with cross-chain oracles, the use of NFTs as collateral for loans, NFT vaults, as well as trading tokens on the cross-chain marketplace. Remember, Liquidifty has a multi-ownership feature. Liquidifty is working with NFTB to explore further development of NFT standards and growth. The all-inclusive marketplace will have cross-chain oracles which use the latest algorithms to analyze and show the prices of NFTs on competing markets and exchanges. Besides, the NFT vaults play a hand in automating trades that benefit the users. In this regard, the users can reap maximum benefit by trading on the Liquidifty platform. 

Liquidifty was launched at the end of spring 2021. During the event, the company rolled out the artists’ support and collectors’ acceleration program, allowing everyone involved in the project to benefit.  It has been working with well-known artists to promote its presence in the market. Recently, it gifted some of its lucky users with NFTs from FVCKRENDER, Cryptopunk, XCOPY, and Bored Apes, among other top artists. The aftermath was a massive boost in sales and trading volumes alongside free marketing for the artists involved.  

Creators can initiate auctions where they put up tokens for sale. Once done, collectors who have accounts on Liquidifty can see the active auctions and purchase NFTs they like. NFT owners can now use their tokens as collateral for loans. Most people buying NFTs do so, hoping that they will recoup their investment when the tokens gain value in the future. Liquidifty uses trustable oracles to determine the value of tokens and gives the holder ETH loans depending on their portfolio. The users can provide loans to other users, and collectors can enter into joint purchases. The marketplace generates multi-sign addresses, which later get assigned to each participant. That way, the token remains whole but has shared ownership. Anyone with a crypto wallet can open an account on the Liquidifty website and start trading NFTs. In addition, existing members can send invites to their friends and contacts to join the marketplace. The members meet on Twitter, Telegram, Discord, and Instagram.

Liquidifty NFT marketplace is built on the BSC blockchain. The main idea behind this project is to create a user-friendly cross-chain marketplace for NFT enthusiasts by integrating multiple blockchains, including Ethereum, Polkadot, Flow, and Binance Smart Chain (BSC). It is an open platform for everyone interested in investing or minting NFTs. All you need is a crypto wallet to connect to the platform, and you will be ready to go. 

The Liquidifty website is user-friendly with simple tabs and NFT categories. The NFTs are divided into Game and Art. Under Art, you will find sections such as:

  • Featured Collections
  • Top Sellers/Top Collectors
  • Featured NFTs
  • Latest NFTs

Liquidifty is a community-based project created by a team drawn from different fields. The head and chief of development is Vladimir Nikitin. He gets help from Santon Fartushnyi, Slava Zheltov, Slava Mikhalkin, alongside others who hold different positions. 

Transactions on LIQUIDIFTY are fulfilled by the LQT, THE GOVERNANCE AND UTILITY TOKEN in the LIQUIDIFTY ECOSYSTEM. The team consistently hunts for new markets and promotes the $LQT token to enrich the ecosystem and make members profit. 

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