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AirNFTs is a new NFT marketplace built to solve artists' challenges on the existing NFT marketplaces. It is designed to eliminate high transaction fees, poor user experience, and long waiting periods after purchases. As of summer 2021, AirNFTs was ranked number 9 in the DApp Radar Marketplace rankings. The founders of AirNFTs are focusing on transforming the whole crypto-collectibles industry with their new marketplace project. AirNFTs offers a market for collectibles and artworks such as sports and gaming NFTs, photography and Art NFTs, and music and video NFTs.  

The new NFT marketplace came into existence on August 11, 2021. It boasts of the first-ever NFT Launchpad to be built on the Binance Smart Chain. By the fall of 2021, AirNFTs had recorded over 110,000 NFTs to have been minted on its platform. This accounted for $8 million in trading volume. 

By joining the AirNFTs, artists open massive revenues by creating and sharing their digital artworks. Besides, the platform offers loyalties to the artists on secondary sales. Unlike other NFT marketplaces, AirNFTs does not charge any commission, but participants must facilitate the network fees. The platform recommends using Trust Wallet for in-platform transactions and enjoys transactions as low as $1 or below.

AirNFTs is built on Binance Smart Chain, an EVM-compatible blockchain. It will help the marketplace to support cross-blockchain compatibility in the future. AirNFTs' ambitious roadmap will see it expand to cover more NFT enthusiasts.

AirNFTs is a unique Launchpad since it is open for everyone. Both Artists and investors can easily create a profile and link to BNB supported wallet. Once this process is done, you have a green light to explore the various NFT assets available on the platform. You can purchase or create artworks, unique photography, music, game items, or memes. You are free to market your creations on various NFT forums.

The AirNFT website is very easy to navigate. On the homepage, you will come across 4 NFT packages on their first public sale. The packages include Air Superhero, Air Commander, Air Ninja, and Air Astronaut. At the end of this public sale, investors will be rewarded with $AIRT and a unique NFT. Owning $AIRT will allow you to participate in any activity in the AirNFT platform, enjoy governance participation rights, and special allocation spots in any future Launchpad. Besides, $AIRT holders will have access to staking and liquidity pools, discounts on AirNFTs' sales, and profits in $AIRT price increases in the long run. Other sections include:

  • Create NFT Tab – This section is divided into various NFT categories which are accepted in the market. They include Art, Game, Sports, Photography, Influencer, Collectibles, Video, and Music NFTs. 
  • AIRT Farming and Loyalties – Investors can use this section to buy and sell NFTs as they earn rewards
  • NFT Blog Tab – Community forum and updates section. 

AirNFTs Project is the brainchild of a pseudo-anonymous group that believes the platform is designed to cater to the community's interests. A 20% cut on the ongoing public sales is set to facilitate further development of the ecosystem of the platform and ranking as a top marketplace for NFTs based on the Binance Smart Chain.

$AIRT is the native utility token in the AirNFTs platform. It is a BEP-20 token and is offered as a reward to sellers and investors after each transaction. Most active investors are awarded governance rights and enjoy staking rewards through farming. 

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