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Ethernity is a leading authenticated Non-Fungible Token project and marketplace which allows top artists to auction their verified artworks. The artworks range from music, film, sports, gaming, entertainment, and tech. Ethernity is based on the Polkastarter platform, which helps it sell digital artwork collections and trading cards designed by artists and designers. The blockchain creates favorable conditions for all users who are a community, boosting its token value. It also promotes social good since it auctions off NFT’s helping fundraisers and charities or giving a portion of the artists’ profits to a charity event of their choice. Nick Rose Ntertsas is the brainpower behind the project, which was launched in April 2021.

Ethernity has a trading card aspect that allows users to buy and trade digital token collectibles. The collectibles depict vivid imagery and content derived from music, film, football, and basketball. The digital artifacts and artwork are tokenized, i.e., embedded on a specific NFT, enabling trade on the blockchain to be possible.

‍Ethernity Chain uses ERN as the native token and is built on the Ethereum blockchain. The token provides liquidity to ERN pools. Additionally, the token enables participants to farm unique and authenticated non-fungible tokens (ANFTs). These Authenticated non-fungible tokens are traded just like other cryptos. Users also use the token to participate in staking, earning interest in the process. The ERN token is also instrumental in governance. It allows users to take part in making the platform’s key proposals and changes. The Ethernity Chain token is vital in ensuring decentralization since it is community-centric.

The Authenticated non-fungible tokens (ANFTs) in ‍Ethernity Chain give users confidence as they acquire various artworks. It is because they ensure the authenticity of the artist’s work. Each time a user receives ANFTs through Ethernity Chain, the transactions are made open on the blockchain.

The platform is community-oriented; hence it is open to all users who want to interact, earn and embrace art. Ethernity Chain partners with celebrities from various industries, which adds confidence to individuals investing in high-profile NFT merchandise. When users have more confidence, they trust they are buying legitimate products and are not scammed, making the interaction more smooth and efficient.

The platform has a beta phase that allows users to farm STONES. ERN holders stake their ERN tokens and farm STONES. Once an individual farms STONES and needs to conduct transactions in the platform, they redeem the STONES for an Ethernity NFT.

There are essential highlights on the platform’s website:

  • About – This section gives background information about Ethernity, the team leading it, its advisors, partners, and investors.
  • How it works- the section shows how the platform operates and how to use the tokens.
  • Terms of Use – this section explains the T&Cs necessary for safe usage of this platform.
  • Privacy Policy- lists the private measures the platform uses for security.

The yield for the STONES is dependent on how many ERN tokens are locked into the farming contract. For users to get the STONES, they let the ERN tokens go through a 24 hours cycle. STONES are held in the farming contract and locked into a user’s address used to farm STONES. However, Users cannot withdraw STONES to another wallet. STONES cannot be transferred, and they do not have a monetary value. Also, users cannot redeem STONES for ETH or ERN. The STONES are strictly redeemed for specific NTFs available on the Ethernity Chain platform.

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