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Superfarm is a platform designed to empower a variety of functions monumental to the next era of NFTs. Superfarm provides a multi-chain NFT and DeFi infrastructure for all its users. With an increased need for value creation in the blockchain, the platform offers a continuous expansion of NFT farming, hence advancing open and decentralized infrastructures. Users have access to set up NFT farms and create their collectible ecosystem even without any coding knowledge. The platform has an NFT marketplace where creators market their creations, benefiting in the process. The protocol makes utilizing blockchains easy, attracting more partnerships from even gaming platforms.

SuperFarm uses a series of visual, beginner-friendly tools to abstracts the process of tokenization. The tools help the platform customize the rules for their tokens, identifying the token's attributes. They, therefore, act as an incentive to the users to use Superfarm without compromising its quality and effectiveness. Users generate ERC20 compliant tokens on the platform and sell them to any marketplace that supports them. Additionally, any interested users set up their NFT marketplace using the platform.

The platform uses SUPER token as its native utility token. The token is used as a medium of exchange and pays for governance and transaction fees. SUPER holders have access to products and programs available in the NFT drops, video game partners, and gaming ecosystem on SuperFarm. The platform is governed by a community, making it fully decentralized. Decisions on the platform concerning any proposals, amendments, or modifications are voted by only those who hold the SUPER tokens. The more super tokens an individual has, the more voting power they hold. The tokens are also crucial in making purchases on the platform. They aid in accessing essential features of the platform available only to SUPERS holders. The token is purchased in various exchanges by any interested individual.

Here is the catch:

Superfarm is open to the public and for all NFT enthusiasts to access and farm NFTs. The NFT farming is determined by the community and the demand for tokens. Superfarm platform helps businesses create their farms and put up their NFTs. Therefore, they can access the farms, stake on NFTs provided in the marketplaces, and earn incentives in the process. Superfarm has a gaming interface to support gaming platforms. The interface is an NFT-based card game that runs on an auto battler setup. On top of the game points from the interface, users get rewards, including NFT drops from the other gaming platforms in partner with the marketplace. However, there is a certain minimum amount of SUPER tokens required before any user opens up new farms or accesses the Superverse.

There are essential highlights on the platform's website:

  • About- The section gives information about the platform, the management, and the terms of its operation.
  • NFT Drops-the section outlines the exclusive NFT drops provided by the partner communities about to occur on the platform. The NFTs are sold in limited quantities, and others available in the NFT farms.
  • Blogs- the section delivers recent announcements to users.
  • Roadmap- the section outlines the upcoming events, including drops, farming, auctioning, and the available marketplaces.

The platform uses SUPER tokens as the native token.

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