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Triller NFTs

Triller NFTs is a peer-reviewed marketplace built on the Ethereum blockchain infrastructure. The open and interoperable NFTs marketplace enables influencers to create and market their tokens. Users also make and trade their tokens; they resale them in a friendly, secure, and audited manner. The platform is the creation of TrillerNet, launched in 2021.

The platform uses its Fight Club to showcase boxing, presenting a potential for creators on the blockchain to create theirs and promote other people's work. The first NFT to be auctioned on the platform was done in a single sale. They were two NFT tokens, both consisting of videos showing Paul's most noteworthy boxing moments. The tokens focused on Paul's victory in the matches and any knockouts available.

The marketplace offers a specific moment and unique content piece, and the user has total autonomy over it. The marketplace cannot even use the moment unless the user grants them or any other individual permission. The users who are interested in a specific moment can bid for it in an auction. The winner receives the moment in a tokenized form within 24 hours.

On top of the auctions, Triller has a pay-per-view option. The option allows users to access content on Triller Fight Club, which is co-owned by Snoop Dogg and Kavanaugh. The club enables art creators (mainly prominent artists) to perform on a fight night. The moments they create are more of a tentpole movie and less of a boxing match. For the creators and fans to benefit, they attend the fight nights live, and the public can also participate. There are no tickets sold for individuals to join the fight club. Users access the performance from their living rooms or via a mobile phone. Highlights of the moments are offered as NFTs; the public participants on the live platform buy, providing Triller with capital without charging the gate revenue.

Here are some of the sections of the Thriller website:

  • Trills- the option allows users to access the tending moments, trills, and the upcoming ones on the Thriller fight club. There is also an option to view the live Trills.
  • Live- the section outlines the live moments happening on the platform and the upcoming ones.
  • Shop- it is the section that offers the NFT moments which have been created, and users purchase them
  • About- the section provides detailed background information about the marketplace, the community involved, the terms of operation, and privacy
  • Sign up is the section where a new user creates a Triller account to trade on the platform by creating a username, password and providing an email address and birth information.

Though the platform is Ethereum based, it has its token, Amplify.ai. The token allows for any interested individual to create their own NFT, trade them and earn in the process. The platform is managed and run by the community, and it is open to the public. The platform offers a chance for users to give creators tips as the creators present their content on Triller Live. When a user purchases the Company NFT, they own the NFT but not any intellectual property rights except the ones granted by the license.

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