35 NFT collections launched on the 4th of October 2021

Eggster Crypto Minting

Oct 04, 2021 – Oct 11, 2021

Eggster Crypto is a collection of 10,000 ERC-721 tokens that are stored on the Blockchain. Each NFT has been incrementally minted and provably unique, and it guarantees access to the...

Ethereum Whiskey

Oct 04, 2021 – Oct 10, 2021

This is our second NFT of CryptoDrink.

Ethereum is an open software platform created by «Vitalik Buterin» that allows users to build a range of decentralized applications.

There is nothing...


Oct 04, 2021 – Oct 11, 2021

To ALL the lovers of art and storytelling, as well as making money, this NFT project is PERFECT for you!! Enbark on ALL the beauty and set ahold a new...

Earn Passive Income By Holding A Smart Banana

Oct 04, 2021 – Oct 04, 2021

Smart Bananas is a super Limited Collection of 2000 unique, randomly generated Smart Bananas on the Ethereum Blockchain. One of the first NFT Projects that gives you the ability to...

BentoBox NFTs

Oct 04, 2021 – Oct 14, 2021

The Sorry Stoic NFT Collection live on Opensea

Oct 04, 2021 – Oct 05, 2021

The Sorry Stoic is a collection of exactly 950 individually unique NFT's. A story of one man who has no intention to resist humanity's plethora of temptations. Follow him or...

"Bala" – Collection "The Heritage" from Kazakhstan

Oct 04, 2021 – Oct 11, 2021

The work is part of a collection of three works created in the flow of thoughts and inspiration of the artist. Each is permeated with metaphors and Easter eggs. In...

SolRoyalti (.15 Sol Mint)

Oct 04, 2021 – Oct 04, 2021

4444 Royal Tigers on the Solana Blockchain providing 90% royalties to our community. Our road map entails exclusive airdrops, airdropped companions, figurines, and loot boxes. 

Kobra Kaimbe Collection

Oct 04, 2021 – Oct 11, 2021

A Cobra-themed martial arts collection of 8989 Kobra Warriors! Each Kobra serves as a key to the Hondu we will be building in the metaverse that will provide utility-based training,...

Line Art Mastery

Oct 04, 2021 – Oct 11, 2021

The line is an essential element of art, defined as a mark that connects the space between two points, taking any form along the way. Lines are used most often...

Space Knight Club NFT

Oct 04, 2021 – Oct 11, 2021

Space Knight Club is the first NFT project that's fully DAO.

It's a 2-layer club: public (accessible to anyone having an NFT) and private (you've to be selected by existing...

SolBusters Drop

Oct 04, 2021 – Oct 11, 2021

"In the far-away year of 2177, scientists discovered an extremely mysterious artifact at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean..." See the lore waiting for you in SolBusters, a project due...


Oct 04, 2021 – Oct 04, 2021

Metacatalysm is a limited collection from designer YS, with 100 unique pieces that blend light, color & shapes that evoke loud emotion almost as a storytelling graphic.

Pengu Gang Pre-sale

Oct 04, 2021 – Oct 04, 2021

Pengu Gang is a collection of unique Pengu NFTs waddling on the Ethereum Blockchain. Pengus have been programmatically generated using 100+ traits to create cute and crazy combinations. New Pengus...

Yellow Clown Collection

Oct 04, 2021 – Oct 04, 2021

"Yellow clown never gets out of his apartment, aside from this, he has all the dreams of the world." This is a short graphic novel, about the days of a...

Invaders League

Oct 04, 2021 – Oct 04, 2021

10,000 unique Invaders will invade the Cardano blockchain 15th of October.

Toasted Turtles

Oct 04, 2021 – Oct 11, 2021

Toasted Turtles is a collection of 10,000 unique pieces of collectible art, living on the Ethereum-compatible Polygon Proof of Stake (POS) Network.

10% of all revenue generated from this project...

Ethereum's First 100% On-Chain Aquarium NFT

Oct 04, 2021 – Oct 11, 2021

We will be launching a new project on Ethereum soon.

On-Chain Aquarium, the images are all completely stored on the blockchain and can never be removed. Most of the NFT...

BoringBrain Collection

Oct 04, 2021 – Oct 04, 2021

This collection is created from scratch by a practicing Neurosurgeon and Neurologist, inspired by his 4-year-old daughter, who proposed most design ideas. Only 100 different designs will ever be minted...

Alien Takeover Club

Oct 04, 2021 – Oct 04, 2021

3333 Aliens plotting to take over the universe! Each Alien is unique and different from the next, meaning no two aliens are alike! Each NFT is minted onto the Ethereum...

Asknights Nft Exhibition

Oct 04, 2021 – Oct 11, 2021

We believe in the collaboration between humans, their creations, and the byproducts of modern society. With this project, we are focusing on bringing together three different elements: space, art, and...

Videogram Exclusives Collection!

Oct 04, 2021 – Oct 11, 2021

October sees original horror synth project Videogram launch his "Videogram Exclusives" collection, an ultra-rare collection of 51 NFTs culled from his 2014-2018 discography.

Having experience from creating insanely rare vinyl...

SHOKUJI NFT Launch (7th October)

Oct 04, 2021 – Oct 08, 2021

The SHOKUJI project is a collection of 3000 NFTs of onigiris on the Solana blockchain.

The NFTs are randomly and uniquely generated. A scarcity system has been put in place...

Forgotten Souls – #01– Surreal Animated Motion Art – First of 99 Exclusive Pieces.

Oct 04, 2021 – Oct 30, 2021

Collection of fantastic pieces of surreal art. Only 99 Pieces will be minted. Starting at 0.1 Polygon ETH.

Created by Joel Astor, a digital artist who seeks to offer us...

The Magic Stamp Collection

Oct 04, 2021 – Oct 04, 2021

The Magic Stamp Collection features a limited edition collection containing digitally captured short stories from around the world. We aim to capture the beauty in these non-fungible tokens. We hope...

Mutant Punks NFT

Oct 04, 2021 – Oct 04, 2021


Come join Mutant Punks NFT, a collection of 10,000 uniquely and randomly auto-generated Crypto Punks who have turned Mutant into different species.

You can help to...

Ambient Silk Bliss

Oct 04, 2021 – Oct 04, 2021

Delicate, gentle, pastel colors and shapes remind of silk sheets, ambient music, mere bliss.

Digitalized plant and flower collage arrangement, unique and original style of self-expression.

My works are primarily...

CryoTronix Release

Oct 04, 2021 – Oct 11, 2021

“CryoTronix” is a compilation of winter-inspired poetry and artwork culminating from a unique collaboration between a humanoid biosynthetic organism and artificial intelligence (AI) with a panache for depicting dystopian landscapes....

Shrwd Nft Drop

Oct 04, 2021 – Oct 11, 2021

Pre-Sale with public sale right after for our NFT collection.

SHRWD is a unique collection of 10,000 Outlaw Squirrels as digital collectibles, based on the Ethereum blockchain. They are not...

Street Bear Launch – 6969 Unique NFTS on OpenSEA

Oct 04, 2021 – Oct 11, 2021

ProjectLAD will launch 5 different drops in total, the first drop is NOW! Street bear!

The Street Bears will be launched as a fixed set of 6969 unique NFTS not...


Oct 04, 2021 – Oct 04, 2021

Loot the Solana space for randomly generated items and abilities.

+240 different traits - 8 cool crews!

Sneak peek of Roadmap:

33% - Celebrated with $33,000 to the community wallet.


Sunrise Haiku NFTs Minting and Giveaway

Oct 04, 2021 – Oct 11, 2021

Sunrise Haiku NFT is the first of its kind, an exclusive collection of 575 poems entirely generated by a trained Machine Learning model called “Sunrise”. Every single poem is unique...

Aww, Rats! Free Mint on Polygon

Oct 04, 2021 – Oct 04, 2021

Monday, October 4th 2021 at 12:00pm Eastern:

- We’re going to open up access to minting one of the free rats for Big Cheese holders only on https://www.awwrats.com


🚀 Nanobash – Limited Drop + Giveaway (Burnout)

Oct 04, 2021 – Oct 11, 2021

The first NFT Drop on Nanobash, as a thank you, we are doing the following:

* The first 20,000 registered users receive a free edition of the NFT "Jungle"


Piracy Punks Set Sail for The Blockhain

Oct 04, 2021 – Oct 12, 2021

”It was a dark and treacherous night and the wind howled unforgivingly as the boat eased away from shore. Under the cover of darkness, the crew unfurled the sails, grasping...