Piracy Punks Set Sail for The Blockhain

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October 04, 2021 – October 12, 2021





”It was a dark and treacherous night and the wind howled unforgivingly as the boat eased away from shore. Under the cover of darkness, the crew unfurled the sails, grasping the westerly winds to hoist them onto lands anew. They had drained the island's wallets, exploited their contracts, evaded capture, and were searching for more victims to rob, hack & betray”

Ah, yes. Life on the digital ocean waves had never felt so good!

This motley crew of scurvy-ridden reprobates & villains are sailing the binary seas, looking for the next port to call home. Soon they will be invading your peaceful shores with their cries of ‘ahoy there’ & ‘fair use’! Keep your wits about you…

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