SolBusters Drop

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October 04, 2021 – October 11, 2021



"In the far-away year of 2177, scientists discovered an extremely mysterious artifact at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean..." See the lore waiting for you in SolBusters, a project due to release mid-October on the Solana blockchain. Holders will not only get some fantastic art depicting futuristic races, they will also benefit as we build out a high-level marketplace on Solana. With perks such as airdrops and white lists from listed projects, this project looks to become a market leader in the Solana Marketplace space. Be one of the first 1000 to claim a White List spot to get a 25% discount off of the launch price! We are also looking for projects to do cross-promo giveaways. If this sounds like you, DM me.

Tags: #art

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