The Whizturtles

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April 18, 2022 – April 25, 2022





The whizturtles nft collection 

Gain early access into our upcoming p2e game hikers: the olympics of the metaverse. 

This collection is made up of 700 turtles and turtle sentinels of which 12 sentinels have the rarest traits and special access embedded as a token of appreciation to the original buyers. 488 of these turtles will give each collector rights to secret scrolls in-game while the remaining 212 will be the first addresses to be on our dao liquidity pool.

Who we are

We are a web3 start-up building a disruptive marketing tool for the nft industry dao | liquidity pool | showroom | p2e gaming 

The whizturtles are extractions that gives you access to our technologies as listed above. We take records of addresses who purchase and hodl items from this collection. This is done as a result to give back immensely to the community for supporting us at this early stage of development in the industry.

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