Woke Zombies

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April 30, 2022 – May 07, 2022





WOKE ZOMBIES is a ZOMBIE NFT collection consisting of 7,420 unique generative NFTs that roam the Ethereum Blockchain.

We have over 420 unique traits, hand drawn by our founder & artist Patient Zero.

We will be launching on April 30th and will deploy the ERC721A gas saver contract.  

We have a strong community built organically on Twiiter and Discord and we hold a Twitter Afternoon NFTs Community Building show every afternoon at 4pm EST. Come join us! @WokeZombies

We have many collaborations going with our project including 1:1 artists, photographers, and other NFT projects.

We have many giveaways included in our mint, including our Lucky Zombie Lotto.  Anyone that mints numbers 7, 69, 420, or 7,420 will win one ETH paid out after the mint is sold out.

We have great prizes attached to our 1:1s also!

We are partnered with a local skate shop and skate park to help them build a new 30' halfpipe. They have had some tough times in the past few years due to the pandemic.

We are having 200 skateboards made with WZ designs and 100 handed out to the local community with the other 100 saved for the NFT community. Raffles, giveaways, and more!

We will have a passive reward for holders and stakers of the NFTs. (More info on the website).

Many, many fun things in store including a phase two Apocalypse 2.0 that includes either another generation of FEMALE zombies or a P2E AR mobile game.

Come hang out and join our community!

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